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Human Flu

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A plaque known as H0N5, also known as Human Flu, is spreading through Runescape. All animals


are dying. The only way to save Runescape is to exterminate the humans.




To start the extermination, we invade Lumbridge first. It is the weakest of all human cities. Remember, kill all humans.




Meet on world 21

Darth Adaar

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lol...wow...an event that'll spread about as much discrimination around as the "n" word....the real life h1n1 thing is serious, and your trying to trivialize it?.....yikes




The real h1n1 was created to kill humans. Why should I stop it?

Darth Adaar

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You have no times or anything associate with this event, how is it meant to work? Do you just want to kill all the men and women or should we PVP and get other players as well? Than should we kill ourselves, or at least pray so that everyone in a 9x9 Square dies off? Then come the problem of the respawn, perhaps we should just log off never to return again?




You first I suppose, lead by example.

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