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Clue Scroll???


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Hi just wondering if anyone would no why i cannot get clue scripts? i have been trainin at the men in edgeville for past few days for quite a few hours and not had 1 clue scroll yet, it might just be unlucky for me because every now and then someone else will walk in to train and within there first 3 - 5 men they kill they get 1!!! anyone no why this could be? and were CAN i get a clue scroll from lol? i never had 1 just wana see what there like. Thanks :thumbsup:

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Clue scrolls are randomly dropped by many monsters... including the men in edgeville




You cannot get another Clue scroll from a drop if you already have one in your inventory, MTK or bank...




Just keep trying...


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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