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smithing and money makeing


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it there any way to smith and make money at the same time?




hopfully a little faster xp than cannonballs?




always did like smithing but it hard to break even


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Get to 88 smithing. Buy addy ore and 3 times as much coal. Put your house in Taverley. Smelt the addy at the blast furnace, using dueling rings to bank and house tabs to tele to your house & return to the furnace via the cart there. If you use the blast furnace on the blast furnace world at busy times, you can smelt around 600 bars per hour this way. After smithing them into plates and alching the plates, you make around 300 gp per bar smelted. And it averages out to about 50k or so smithing XP per hour - assuming you can smith 2400 bars into plates per hour, it takes 5 hours to do 2400 bars. 240k XP in 5 hours is 48k XP per hour. And that's without the aid of SC hammers.




Cannonballs are a complete waste of time for anyone that is >50 smithing.

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