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  1. The landing page when you click on the Mining Sites link from the site toolbar lists the Heroes Guild mine as having 7 coal. The mine actually has 11 coal.
  2. NO They have said a million times over there is NO plans to up the skill cap to 120 for ANYTHING other than dg. And what does it matter if you start near max or not? It's the same game, just with a new back engine. It's not like its gonna give some amazing new experience that fundamentally alters how dragon slayer plays or how fishing is to training. Just a better back engine with slightly better graphics if you can run html5. But then it isn't really RS3. I never played Classic, but didn't a lot of the improvements made between Classic and RS2 do exactly that - deliver a new gaming experience, even though the base content was pretty much the same? I recognize that arbitrarily raising skill caps with no associated content would be kind of a waste, but they're kind of bumping against the 99 skill cap in a lot of skills already. How much more skill-related content can they realistically add to skills like Farming and Herblore, considering what they've added already, that doesn't just cram more content into the same levels? Ports seems like a cool thing that rewards being 90+ in a lot of skills, and the idea could expand for hundreds, if not thousands of more game hours for that one piece of content alone by raising skill caps. As for grinding, they've already eliminated a lot of grinding by making skilling easier. 120 would be the new 99, even if they brought back pre-nerf Warbands.
  3. Any chance RS3 will increase all skill maxes to 120? Seems like a no-brainer to me, to give most every player something to shoot for. I think the game would get old fast for those of us who would start it already near max.
  4. I thought that they were going to do that with 07, although I may be wrong. However, with the wonders of a virtual browser, you already can play on a tablet. I play on my iPad all the time.
  5. Doing Shield of Arrav and then Heroes, and need a Black Arm member. My RSN is kdb150.
  6. For me, EoC made things far too complex. What I like about RS is its simplicity. If I wanted stuff like abilities, armor tiers, and a hundred other things I'd play some other game. RS07 lets me play the game I enjoy, and I'm betting there are a lot of other players like me who feel the same way. We may have already gotten to the point where it is mostly those players who are playing RS07, but I think that player base is here to stay, especially if we get the odd update now and then that gives us a bit of new content.
  7. If the problem is people feeling the need to grind in order to keep up, then the problem is the players, not the skillcapes. If you aren't content simply leveling when you can and doing what you like in the game during the time that you have to play, then that is on you. Now I don't claim to always be above the need to "keep up" with other players, but frankly I feel relief when I look at the top players, who already have over 100 million total XPs, and realize that I could never possibly keep up with that. It cures me of any desire to try to grind in order to keep up, and I just do what I want in the game with the time I have. People will always play games to be competitive and be recognized as a good player. That isn't Jagex's fault. As the game grew in popularity, it was inevitable that more players would feed into that mentality. If that's what you believe is hurting the game, then it was destined to die with or without skillcapes.
  8. Whether you wanted '07 or not is completely irrelevant at this point. '07 is what you got. If you wanted '08 or '09 or even '11, then sorry, but you are SOL. You aren't entitled to the version of Runescape that you want to play. Grow up and deal with that fact and stop making these complaining threads please.
  9. Don't know much about warbands, is it something you can consistently keep up for many hours? Do you have to rely on other players? Is there a learning curve? Blast furnace is a terrible idea if you're only concerned with speed, true, but the OP didn't say he was. At current addy bar prices you'll lose around 8k per plate if you alch them all. 93-99 smithing using addy plates requires him to make 18.6k addy plates, at a total cost of about 149m. He doesn't have that much money to spend. You can cut the cost by 115m by buying the bar ingredients, smelting at the blast furnace, and making the plates and alching them. Combining smelting his own bars and buying bars to smith would help keep the costs down to within his price range.
  10. Nothing is faster than addy plates, so go with them if your only concern is speed. 100% certain that rune plates are faster And how is he supposed to make rune plates at level 93?
  11. Nothing is faster than addy plates, so go with them if your only concern is speed. If you want to cut down on the money lost, consider smelting some bars at the blast furnace. It's pretty fast to go back and forth from, and you can save a lot of money in a short amount of time, although I'm sure there are far better money-making methods out there.
  12. Wallasalki's are good blue charm droppers, and you can use a cannon on them.
  13. You could try maging giant rock crabs. They drop 3 charms at a time, and you'll get a charm drop almost every kill. If you have ancients, you could use smoke or shadow burst, though without ice spells, it can be annoying to kill multiple rock crabs because they retreat. So you might want to just use the best wave spell you can. They drop mostly gold charms. Easily the best source for gold charms if you use ancients, which are the best to use at least until 52.
  14. They are far too spread out in the Jatizso mine for it to be worthwhile, and you have to dodge trolls. Stick with Lletya.
  15. I doubt you'd get a perma ban for a first time AFK offence. You could just do it until you get black marked.
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