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  1. What kind of a game would want to look and feel like WoW in 2012 ? Quite frankly, WoW looks and feels terribly outdated... ... Not saying Runescape doesn't ...
  2. I like this update, but the fires not getting bigger screams lazy coding. Oh jagex...
  3. Since i'm almost done with school I decided to start playing again. So this happened:
  4. Wow, they're getting desperate. I smell financial troubles.
  5. Somebody has to sue Jagex... Or we, the runescape community, have to organize something.
  6. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but what's the deal with EoE ? I've read/seen about EoE a lot recently on tif. Are they recruiting only tifers like dgs back in the day or what ?
  7. This time around they really were fixing something that was "broken".
  8. I really don't get the hate for these graphics. I am now convinced that 70% of the playerbase consists of sociopaths who hate any kind of change.
  9. There goes my quest cape. Seriously doubt i'm ever going to get level 90 firemaking.
  10. Finally got this: Pulled myself together and grinded 85 - 95 in a week. I bought the bones for 70 - 95 back in august when the bones were the cheapest. If i had bought the bones as i went along this would've cost me almost twice as much.
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