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Need help with Verizon Wireless Internet card

Guest Al_Gore

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Hi, I bought a laptop and a Verizon Wireless Internet Card from Best buy a few weeks ago, and everything has worked fine until yesterday.


My free trial of Norton Anti-Virus ran out so I uninstalled it and installed Spybot-S&D.


Now, I can connect using the Verizon Wireless Access Manager, and usually have 3-4 bars, but the problem is it is showing I have "Limited Connectivity" and I cannot connect to the internet.




Can anyone help please?

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Spybot could be blocking the program, I'm sure others here will explain how to get it off. Though Norton and SBS&D cater to different groups. If you wanted anti-virus you should lean more towards Avira Free or AVG (most recommend Avira). Because, as its name would suggest, SBS&D is more of a spyware or malware remover.

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