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  1. Oh wow, I just started playing again and had no idea. Glad I won then, because I put up 270M. :razz:
  2. I'm the same way. Similar to fastor, I only do squats without weights.
  3. If I remember correctly, I saw you post a similar image in a similar setting awhile back. Looks really neat. What exactly are you involved in, if you don't mind me asking? :)
  4. I get the same problem with the Lion client, believe me.
  5. Nothing happens, honestly.
  6. Thank you guys. I've managed to cut out about 30 spaces. :)
  7. Hey guys, this is my current bank. I have included a picture of my stats as well. Feel free to rate my character. However, I am also tired of having a large bank. Any tips you have for cutting down the amount of items would be appreciated. I am not willing to part with the potions. Cheers. :)
  8. Could you expand on that, please? Genuinely curious.
  9. I'll just throw this in here and skedaddle. Customer satisfaction: http://www.theacsi.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=262:press-release-september-2011&catid=14&Itemid=287
  10. Sounds like the display cable is loose. It happened to me after I was repairing an iPhone 3G; securing the ribbon cable solved it.
  11. Just bought these. Very excited to try them out on the field.
  12. No, no, they slashed 1/3 of the price. A new Apple Extreme is £140. And just because it is on the refurbished store does not mean it is refurbished. While I understand it may be confusing, it has been proven that Apple puts previous models on the store at discounted prices, even though they have never been used. The model I linked to was released in Oct. 2009. The latest model has an updated chip to increase range and signal strength. I have the 2009 version and can confirm that it works great. I have it set to 2.4Ghz for my iPhone and Windows computers and the 5Ghz band serves my MacBook. On this network, I have a shared USB drive and printer (using the AirPort's USB port) that serves all of my devices well. In the event that I have company, I have a guest network setup that they can use, but without access to my drives and printers.
  13. More than likely, it's not even a refurb - it's last years model. Even still, they replace the defective part(s) and replace the outer shell and slash 1/3 of the price. You still get the one year warranty and it's covered by AppleCare if you purchase it with any other Mac. Not a bad deal at all.
  14. http://store.apple.com/uk/product/FC340B/A Cheers. ;)
  15. More like once a month. But still, I'm wondering if leaving the computer plugged in all the time degrading the battery is a myth, cause I almost never let the battery get lower than 95% yet when I do, it still lasts 3h. My laptop is n3.5 years old and I am still using the original battery. It's not a myth; cycling the battery is an important part in its health. However, degradation will occur no matter what. Modern batteries are able to care for themselves. You really shouldn't alter your daily routine to suit your battery. Stop worrying about it. :)
  16. Most batteries will degrade quicker if you leave them plugged in all the time.
  17. I'm trying to find a pair of Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R cleats floating around. Ridiculously hard to find in a size that'll fit me, especially since a womens model was never introduced.
  18. 'Sexual offender' is such a broad term that it makes it difficult to gauge the severity of what was done. You can get labeled as a sexual offender from urinating on a tree. What actually happened?
  19. Since we have so many avid players here, what kind of boots do you guys wear?
  20. Silly jester boots + Armadyl + Spectral + ZGS + DSpear + Torags + Fury + rapier Otherwise, I would stay away from the flag. :P
  21. Yes, I second that. Runescape doesn't like Lion at the moment. This is the best fix out there, and I get got, literally, about a 50% boost in FPS in comparison to FireFox 3.6.
  22. How exactly did you backup? :unsure:
  23. Ah, I see. Well, good luck! Snow Leopard was certainly a great OS. :)
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