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What 2 range


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At the moment i have lvl 65 ranging. I took i break to get 85 wc and by the end of the day ill have it. Thatll give me 1.6 millish. Im wanting to know what weapon should i use to get lvl 70 and where. Atm ive been using bronze knives on moss giants. Should i use a crossbow, a cannon or could i do slayer (curtrently lvl 40)?All my combat stats r in the 70's, my magic, prayer and summoning is in the 50's. I dnt want to spend all the gp i just made as im gonna buy some range gear once i get lvl 70.





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65-70 wont take long, so I'd say crossbow. Dont use your money on a cannon and balls if you dont have necessary items for day to day melee or ranged.




You could range


Fire giants










3 great non-grind options and a grind.

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Thanks for the quick response. What bolts are best to buy? ATM im wearing snakeskin boots and bandana, red dragonhide (full), fury, archer ring and unholy book.




When you say Tzhaar are you refering to the mini game? Didnt think id have the lvls.

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If you have 55 slayer always go Broad bolts for simple PvM. if you dont, normal mithril bolts :)


I think you should wear this.. I know black dhide sets not red :lol:




Archer helm, Red dhide set, fury, rune crossbow, unholy book, [ammo/broad bolts], Snakeskin boots.


On the ring though, it depends what you're doing. I prefer a wealth since I dont find the archer ring bonus so huge to take away slightly better chances of nice drops :P




Tzhaar as in the monsters walking around inside the volcano. About 1 in 10 kills is an Onyx bolt tip which is 8k and sells automatically.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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