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Training a new zerker pure...


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Alright, so i've decided to create a Zerker pure. The only other pure experience i've had was a lvl 1 def pure i have(with 41 atk, 36 str, 44 pray). I know it sucked, but i've learned from it, and might be able to create a good zerker this time around.




The stats I'm aiming for are:




60 Atk(possibly 75 for GS, but i don't think I'll have one any time soon)




99 Str(don't think I'll get this for a while, so i think 70 - 85 is what I'll use for a while)




45 Def(with the quests i want to do, I'll have to plan around this, so i don't go over when i complete all of the quests i want)




99 range(same with str, most likely 60 - 70 first, then 80 - 99 later)




Venerable mage(i'm not sure about this yet. probably just want i need for teleing, unless i decide to mage with this acc)




52 prayer(for smite. First I'll get 43(possibly F2P) then 52. I was thinking of 70 before, but I'd have to be a barrows pure for that)




no summoning(as for any pure. but it's going to be hard not to use the most useful skill)




Have completed Royal Trouble, Dragon Slayer, King's ransom, Frammy trials, Monkey Madness, Possibly Smoking Kills and DT.(I'm sure there are more, just can't think of them now)




The main thing i need help with is what to bring my stats to. I plan on doing most of the F2P quests. If not all of them.


I was thinking 20/30 atk, 40 str, 20 def at first. And when i get memebership on it, I'll get stats up via the quests I'm doing, then finish it off by training.




And any other advice/warnings is welcome. I want to know if there are any other quests that are useful to a pure.







Hexiled Razz. Player since March 8th, 2005.

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Summon only effects combat in PvP worlds if you bring a pouch in your inventory. So feel free to train it. 94 mage for barrage or vengance is highly recomended.






That's true. I forgot about veng.




And i don't think summoning will effect me enough to train it. I won't have the stats for WF to get it to the useful levels anyway.

Hexiled Razz. Player since March 8th, 2005.

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