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training from 51 att, str, def to 60 help


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Hill giants. At your level and using little to no armor, you're limited to exactly what gives you decent experience. Bury/sell the big bones, and sell the limpwurt roots. Alternatively, there are hobgoblins on the little peninsula on the edge of the crafting guild.



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95/99 Slayer


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Well as you're probably aware f2p has very limited options. Doing hobgoblins near crafting guild probably is best as hill giants are usually crowded.




You'll need food as you have little to no armour. I suppose with full rune you'll need less.




If you were member I'd recommend slayer. That's more fun/better/etc. :lol:





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I love it how Jafje comes outa nowhere and answers my questions

Hehe now we know what real life does...drugs, drugs, more drugs. Thank god we are addicted to something that won't kill us.


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really... i would have to say for exp moss giants and money hill giants



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99 strength reached 12/28/08


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