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Hey i have 70 sum and got some money to blow on it but not as many charms as i like so i wanna know whats the best way to use them




Gold 508


Green 727


Crimson 439


Blue 71






I tried using the calc on tip it Didnt work out to well and since you guys are so great on helping I came here :D

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Very helpful guide. :thumbsup:




Use your Crimsons to make Stranger Plants until 74 for Granite Lobsters. (Make Phoenixes if you want at 72).


Use Golds for Barker Toads preferably, make Terrorbirds if you need them.


Greens - Fruit Bats, maybe?


Blues - Save.




99 WC - 12/20/08! =D

99 Defence - 6/19/09! 44,012 to reach it!

Aiming for 2000 Total Lvl!

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