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Everything Chinchompa




Welcome to the guide that will tell you everything you will ever want to know about chinchompas (here after called chins, or red chins when appropriate). I achieved my goal of 99 Hunter on 3/9/08, and as promised (albeit, a little delayed) I'm writing a guide to pass on my knowledge on the creature's most often hunted for experience and also profit. So without further adieu, the guide!




Red Chinchompas




Name-Carnivorous Chinchompa


Level needed-63 ; Exp Gained-265


Trap-Box Trap ; Bait-Spicy minced meat


Location-Feldip Hills hunter area, south of the gnome glider.


Examine-More volatile than its vegetarian counterpart




Ah, the aspiration of every hunter. Red chins are hunted for a couple reasons.




1. They are arguably the best hunter experience to reach level 99.




2. They can turn a handsome profit if you bank and sell all the red chins you catch until 99.




3. They are the best range experience in the game if properly trained with. Saving them all as you get 99 hunter will provide substantial range experience (in the millions).




Now the price fluctuates a lot so to maximize profit patience is required, generally as the price drops off the number of hunters decreases as they move on to better money makers, which removes demand and in turn drives the price back up. So if you see the price taking a dive, don't be afraid to hold back on selling until it starts to turn around. And never sell for the minimum, not only does it cut into your profits, but it ruins the profits for others as well. If you need cash now then go kill green dragons for a few hours. \'




The debate on what level to start hunting these is short, boring, and silly. If you want the most profit in getting 99 hunter, start hunting these as soon as you can at 63 hunter. If you want the fastest experience to 99 then you are better off hunting red salamanders until you hit 80. At 80 the capture rate increases dramatically, as well as gaining the ability to maintain 5 traps at a time.




Lastly, there are outrageous claims of capture rates by different people. Some claim that 150/hour is good while others boast that they can catch 1000/hr. I've put in hundreds of hours in testing capture rates and 1000/hr simply isn't possible. At 99 being fully concentrated for the entire hour (on several different tests) the highest chins/hr I saw was about 500, with the average being about 450 (without the use of a familiar). Starting at 80 the average chins/hr was about 200-250 depending on how much attention I devoted to the hunting, and it increased noticeably at 85 hunter, 90 hunter, 95 hunter, and slightly at 99. So depending on your level you can expect to fall between 200 and 450 chins/hr. I started chins at 80 hunter so I have no data on anything lower than that (anything anyone wants to contribute I would be grateful for).




Coming soon, pictures and different locations to hunt.[/hide]










Level needed-53 ; Exp Gained- 198.5


Trap-Box Trap ; Bait-Spicy chopped tomato


Location-Piscatoris Fishing Colony hunter area


Examine-It looks fluffy and cute; it's probably deadly.




These little puffballs are often underrated by many hunters, especially high level ones. As far as hunting experience goes, yes they are less experience than red chins per hour and per chin. However I have three main reasons why these guys should not be overlooked, and are worth hunting.




1. They are never crowded. This means you can hunt here in peace and almost never have someone come and try to steal your spots. People hunt chins to level up to red sally's and that's pretty much it. So if you see anyone they will be gone as soon as they hit their level ups and peace will be yours again. Also odds are that they do not know all the secrets to keeping/stealing spots yet (which I am still debating on whether or not I should add to this guide) so you will have almost certain spot security. So you get to keep your spot to yourself, big whoop? The big whoop is that while other people are busy world hopping for an open spot at red chins, you're cooly collecting decent hunter experience and a decent profit/amount of range exp depending on if you want to sell them or use them. So on busy days where there are no free worlds at red chins, these guys just may be worth it to save you a headache while still earning you exp and a source of income.




2. The range experience per chin / the range experience per red chin is greater than the cost per chin / the cost per red chin. In other words the cost per exp point is less than using red chins. You will receive less exp per hour while training range with these, however in the long run you will save money. So if you're after a still amazingly fast way to train range but want to save a few extra mil or hundred k, these are for you.




3. I noticed it first when I came back from a break after getting 99 hunter. At 99 hunter the success rate for catching these is about 98%. I was in need of a few extra hundred k for something and didn't want to deal with the competition always found at red chins. So I packed my box traps and headed to the regular ones, banking on no one being there. I wasn't in a hurry to make my money so I didn't care that it was less gp/hr. After about 20 min of hunting I realized I hadn't missed one yet...which sparked about 20 hours of testing to make sure. I averaged missing one chin in every 50 attempts on my trap. I'm not sure what level this success rate is achieved at so if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. Either way you can camp here for days and not be frustrated by one chin setting off all your traps without being caught ever again! On average for these I was catching about 550-600 an hour, which is nothing to sneer at.




So yes these aren't quite as good of money or experience than red chins, but in my opinion its worth avoiding the headache of having to world hop and constantly dealing with spot stealers to hunt these instead. For casual players who just need a few extra hundred K then these are great.




coming soon pictures of spots to hunt and such.[/hide]




Hints Tips and Tricks


[hide=]So you're tired of having your spot taken? Sick of having to world hop? Looking to up your exp/hr? This is the spot for you. I am going to teach you how to guard against getting your spot taken, how to steal it back, and a few other general tips to increasing your exp/hr.




Spot Stealing Prevention




People are jerks, no matter where you go you'll run into either the noob who wants to take your spot because he thinks he's entitled to it since he has farther to go than you, or the no-lifer that is going to take it because he thinks your a noob. So for everyone reading this, yes if you are stealing spots you are either a noob or a no-lifer. Basically once a trap is set up another trap cannot be set up on the same square. So spot stealers will try to set up a trap quickly underneath you as you loot your trap so you can't set it back up. It's a low blow and often ends with a battle where both sides continually steal spots back and forth. There is really two ways to steal a spot.




Method #1


Stand underneath the person while they are standing on top of their triggered trap (regardless of whether or not they caught the chin) and wait for the trap to disappear from them picking it up. Many times people will be spam clicking their trap so as soon as the spot they are trying to steal is open they start setting up their trap. This method is fairly easy to prevent, but is somewhat dependent on your internet connection. Lag = Spot getting jacked. Basically you have at least one extra trap in your inventory. There is a point in your dismantling emote (pic coming soon) where you can click the trap in your inv and prematurely start setting up your trap. The second your trap disappears from you dismantling it you will see you instantaneously have one on the ground in the process of being set up. I used this method (taught to me by my good friend in game and irl Jesusdied4 U) all the way to 99 and it was extremely successful in maintaining a spot that I had.




Method #2


Wait until you see the person bend down to dismantle their trap and start setting one up one square away. As soon as the trap disappears that they are dismantling click one sq over interrupting your setting up your trap and click a new trap in your inventory. All the progress (time spent) on setting up the first trap you clicked will be transferred to the new one you are now setting up in their spot, almost instantaneously. This is a bug, and is pending being fixed by Jagex. I do not condone use of this bug for any means. People that are going to do this do not care about being banned (and yes I've had a friend get banned by abusing this bug so don't try it) and are generally jerks. The best way to handle this is to world hop. The only way to keep your spot is to steal it back using the same method. Hopefully Jagex will fix this soon and it won't be an issue.




Note: Some people have it in their heads that shooting chins is a good way to deter people from hunting in their spot. This is wrong, because even if a chin gets hit and is dead it can still have enough time to enter a trap and get caught. Also shooting them keeps them at the spawn points (which is important because of what I will tell you later). Do not use killing chins as a way of trying to get rid of people, it makes you look stupid, and ups their exp/hr.




Increasing your Exp/Hr




There are few things one can do to up their exp per hour. However some of them are not common knowledge so I will list them here.




1. This is the most important key to maxing your exp/hr so I will put it in all caps. COVER THE SPAWN POINTS. Chins spend the most time around their spawn points in their random movements, and ideally you want them spawning and instantly moving to attempt one of your traps (and 9 times out of 10 they will). Don't worry about making a pretty pattern with your traps, all that matters is that you have at least two spawns covered, with two traps set by each spawn (3 traps by one and 2 by the other if you are 80+ hunter). If there is a spot where you can set a trap that covers two spawns then great, use that one! This tip is the single biggest thing you can do to up your exp/hr.




2. Turn all of your chats off, once you hit high hunter levels (80+) it is possible for all of your traps to have caught chins in the time it takes to type one line of text to your friend who wants to know what your doing. At the least you should have 3 traps set up and waiting for chins to enter them, one should be being dismantled because it was set off or you caught one, and one should be waiting to be dismantled.




3. Shoot 'em up! Bringing a bow and arrows, or any other kind of range equipment, and shoot the little puffballs the second they wander away from their spawn without attempting your trap. They can wander quite far and a chin that isn't nearby is not going to attempt your traps. So don't be afraid of capital punishment and show those furry hand grenades whose boss.[/hide]




Pictures of available hunting areas coming soon. I need to renew my membership (I haven't been playing as of late because of work), so as soon as that happens I will be updating this with more pics. Along with the pics will be a rundown on how to train range with Chins and where to do it. I know there are guides on that already but since this guide is supposed to cover everything you need to know about them I'd better add it in.




Feel free to post now with comments/suggestions and thanks for reading! And remember that anything that you contribute will get you a spot in the credits!

Trolling by giving good advice since April 2011.


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