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Need help with Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup


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Hello. I'm new here but i've been using your guides and such for a while. I really need help with this. I read a woodcutting guide on here and it said this is a nice place to cut teaks. It said to do Jungle Potion so I did it. The quest is done and I bought 100 trading sticks at ge and I go in there and it tells me that I cannot cut these trees unless I cleanup or something. Well I've been repairing the fence. I got 33% favour. How long until I can chop teaks? Thank you.

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I think you need to earn the trading sticks, just get your favour up to 50% then ask every body with trading sticks in there hand till you have 100 then try to get in to the area with the trees and see what happens.



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I think you have to earn 100% favour one time to get access...you might not. Make sure you talk to Murcaily and look through all the dialogue options. There might be something you're missing.

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