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So i just played again, what should i do first?


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everythings so different now it's been a while, ive been trying to buy full guthans on the grand exchange but no luck, i was thinking killing abby demons but what else should i do?




I quit right before godswords and summoning


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Try help and advice mate. I would try getting some money first, abby demons if you like them can be great.


Corporeal Drops:2xHoly elixers

Bandos Drops: Bcp(soloed) 5x hilts 8x tassets

Armadyl Drops:Armadyl Hilt(trio)

Zamorak Drops: 2xZamorakian spear 3x Steam battlestaff

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-definitely train summoning. has to be one of the most useful skills.


-do smoking kills quest if you like slayer.


-also do cold war and hunt for red raktober quest for your weekly penguin points.


-do some acheivement diaries to get the usefull items and rewards, lumby for general use, karamja for slayer, fally for the shield, varrock for minin, smithin and battlestaffs, and seers for enhanced excalibur.


-go do your weekly circus aswell

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