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  1. To help warring clans, and some just like a challenge. And "barrows pures" aren't that great at that level.
  2. What kind of noob only has 85 magic o_O From when level 60s are running around with barrage, you have to step your game up.
  3. It's actually the Dutch word for fun, we use it pretty often. Clearly he isn't dutch, and I doubt they mean the dutch meaning.
  4. This is not a dating site.
  5. How is it jagexs fault that newblets do old quests?
  6. With 1 defence, 99 strength/range/magic/constitution. Obvious exception are obby maulers.
  7. Lol, that's not a pure, but I hear maxed out with 99 pray is good, lands you at 118 cb with 70 defence.
  8. Point is that just because something is a law doesn't mean it SHOULD be a law. Bots SHOULD be against the rules though. Fail analogy.
  9. im 78, and hitting is fine - ranged is accurate enough - just leave the scimmy in the bank :P exactly, use ranged and mage for people with armor and you'll be fine. Pures still get their butts kicked when they're near maxed though. Depends on what you mean by maxed.
  10. Generally rapier owns CLS for pking, due to the opponent being able to eat twice inbetween each hit with CLS. But since everyone is going to be a defence neeb at your level you might need the added accuracy of CLS to actually hit.
  11. Oh sweet, another update for newbs. I haven't given a [cabbage] about who hit the highest hit since I was level 40.
  12. I'd say runecrafting. Dungeoneering is pretty fast xp and can actually be fun.
  13. Lets look at it this way Say average level 40 has a max hit of 60 (meleeing) and level 40 pure (str pure) has a max hit of 160. If defense was mitigation, the average level 40 would hit near constant 60's. While the str pure would hit 100's or 80's, he still has the ability to miss if his attack level is low however so they would be about even. Since both parties are going to be hitting fairly often it makes the fight a bit more interesting by having constant damage. However KO's would be pretty rare like this. But that allows Jagex to add in Super weapons, as it stands now theres too many things in near KO range. If Jagex changed defense we could have room for better weapons. Its the change that needs to be done, but it obviously would be very unpopular and change runescape as we know it. But its the only way to get rid of pures (to those against them), allow for combat skills to 120 (defense can handle the extra damage being delt), and have room to throw in new super weapons. I can tell you've never pked before. Pures are severely underpowered. You might have had a case in early 2005 for defence being underpowered, but not anymore.
  14. Summoning is pretty lame to be honest, I do regret raising it.
  15. Actually, if you want reliable power, you choose Magic. Unless you want to kill a boss, then you choose melee. Range is just the defacto suck style in runescape. Then why do tank rangers own?
  16. Yes, we do. If not for anything other than variety.
  17. It's gear bonuses. Realize that defence rolls are proportional to [Modified Level], [Gear Bonuses], and [Modified Level][Gear Bonuses]. It's gear bonuses.
  18. They reduce damage dealt, and the guy in void obviously hit him just before he flicked on his range prayer, which made it seem like he hit a 600+ through prayer (which is impossible).
  19. If you can't get divine/ely then chaotic is the best. Pretty simple really.
  20. Rapier would definately be my first choice but OP severely underestimates CLS. Alot of RS players have a thing called a life.
  21. I don't think any decision from jagex was complained about more than free trade/pking in wildy. When did we get those back?
  22. Money/stats alone won't win it, you will need a good amount of experience to succesfully get a massive kill streak. But without money/stats you definately won't be winning this. I for one won't even bother attempting it.
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