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  1. We miss you! hAppy birthday !!

  2. Thanks guys!

    I've made a new account now, since I messed up and forgot what my throwaway mail was. So from now on, stalk me on this account! :)

  3. Zum Geburtstag, viel gluck, Andrea <3

  4. Happy birthday =D

  5. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  6. The floors you would usually rush in dungeoneering, you do as complexity two. At the start you buy feathers and a rod, and fish every spot you see. They nerfed the xp a little while ago, so I don't believe it's efficient to do if you don't care about dungeoneering, (and if it is, then it's only at 90+ fish) But if you train dungeoneering and would spend time doing the same floors in complexity one anyway, then getting the extra fishing xp would be a good idea. Obviously, the method becomes better at ever tenth fishing level, as you only get fishing spots from the two highest fish you can catch. (at level 80-89, you only get salve eel and blue crab fishing spots)
  7. Grats on 99 <3

    <3 you.

  8. So after playing this game for 7 years, i actually got a 99. That's nice, I guess.
  9. Dat one in 343K chance right? I think I've heard that they have a 1/62 chance of dropping effigies, which means it's a one in 262k chance of getting three in a row on your next three kills. But since you probably only are going to count if you already got one effigy, it's better to say that it's a 4k chance of getting two more in a row after getting one effigy.
  10. Good guide, but as said mostly for beginners. Even if people that are no more beginners at these shouldn't need a guide as you say, there's always good to mention different methods. So having just a litlte paragraph mentioning that titans might be good when you're more experienced wouldn't be too bad. I also kind of miss the possibility to melee the minions (although that's not needed if you're using the armadyl spell) and if so, how void is a good boost for killing speed, considering the easy switch to melee helmet. But even though that's what I thought lacked, it's a very good guide, and very good for your first - the layout seems like you've written some of them before!
  11. Fire cape is the best choice, even if you choose to turmoil/piety your tasks. If you need to pray both t/p and protect prayer though, a sw cape might be better, but that's still only if you use bandos armour instead of proselyte.
  12. Row gives a better chance of any barrows armour (as long as you've killed the brother) It also adds a few potion drops like prayer potion, defence potion and restore potion that you would not get without it.
  13. I sold glaiven under an hour ago for 23m. Instant sell at ge. (and omg @@@ I finally got some boots)
  14. Yeah, I prefer to not do other things while playing rs. That even includes listening to music, and sometimes chatting. I like to pay attention to what I'm doing. Likewise, when I listen to music, I'm seldom doing something else at the same time, just focusing on it.
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