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I dont pk in big teams, Im more of a solo pker. I try to keep honor at times just as i do not like people praying first 1 v 1 in hybrid. I do carry tele's due to the fact im solo... i never use my tele unless im pj'd or tagged about like crazy. If the fight is decent 1 v 1 with matching gear id stay, as money is not really a "Big thing" to me. I play and pk for fun, not so much loot. My switches are not too great and is some thing i have to work on so please bare with me (Y)




This is my BH VID 8








All my Videos are in High Quality or High Definition






NEW VIDEO : !!!![/






Bounty Hunter Video 8










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How does the skull trick work? I'd like to try that, pm it if you want >.>


Nice vid anyway




Rofl oldest trick in the book, one of them atts a no skuller, sais take to the other one while he goes standing on him. Then he just atts his friend and hopes the non skulled guy doesn't notice and attacks him. You need dumb people for this to work on tbh




anyways no point in it anymore since going to bh or pvp auto skulls u ;)

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