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Stealing Creation Ancients Technique?


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What's a good inventory to make in Stealing Creation to own people with ice barrage? I usually have 1k+ of each kind of rune (elemental/calyptiwujfvfn), a Class 5 Dagger, 1 type of each armor (Coif, Platebody, mage skirt), 2 Prayer Potions, 2 Energy Potions, 2 Magic Potions, 1 Def Potion, the rest food. Is that good? I don't care about max points/hammer per hour. I just wanna have fun while getting hammers :D



what i'm doing now:


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1k of all runes


class 5 dagger


Mage hat, robe top and bottom, and staff (staff is really good, you hit like 90% of the time with it)


2 energy potions (although if you can rest in there then take 1)


Super set


2 prayer potions


Familiar, with scrolls and some food in it




Don't bother with all that other stuff


Come to #tip-it on Swift IRC, if you're cool

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