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  1. Salve at ankous, you should at least break even
  2. You have 42 defense. Chances are jagex won't give you something you can't wield. Rewards get better with higher levels. Or maybe you got unlucky. I saw divine on 2 of my rolls yesterday. I was on my low level f2p account and I had the chance at tassets + armadyl chestplate.
  3. PPS is fine for luring rex, but if you don't want prime on you then you just have to go as far southeast as you can without letting supreme hit you
  4. Duo tri-brid with blueice. I got a warrior early too, but dropped it for blueice to hold. Got warrior, zerker, steel kite, warrior in a row from rex :)
  5. Where you at? :)

  6. Good luck on the recovery Leesters, I'm usually down for monster hunting whenever I'm on. We should hit up dag kings and corp :D
  7. Turns out someone stole my god damn email. I have no idea how it happened, probably doesn't help that my siblings use this computer too -.- . Gonna be a [bleep] to recover it but I'm attempting to do so.
  8. Someone has hijacked my youtube account somehow....lol. I'm in the middle of trying to recover the account, please don't click any links posted on the newest video on my youtube page.
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