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best way to make money with somewhat limited skills


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i just want fast money, ive never been great at it(or skillbuilding). i wanna know the fastest way to make money, preferably low risk with these skills.


81 atk


86 str


75 def


82 hp


66 range


70 mage


55 prayer


66 cook


70 wcing


60 fletch


62 fishing


51 fm


61 craft


51 smith


55 mining


35 herb


51 agility


54 thief


44 slayer


31 farm


40 rcing


70 hunt


68 con


59 summon




i also have 110 quest points, so try to avoid quests.




also, any comments about my skills being low, especially slayer, or range, and i will make sure you die. i dunno how, or where, or when, or if its possible, but it will happen.


they deleted my double signature...

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Z0mg ur sk33lz r l0w.






If you get slayer up, (even by ranging) you should make quite a hefty sum, from that level to about 65 would be nice.




There are numerous ways to make money without skills, and tbh most of the best ways to make money involve no skills at all (I dont call combat 'skill').


So basically, combat will get you money and the like, and not training skills will get you money.




Herb farming runs




Manage thy kingdom




That should get you a bit of cash in a day without leaving you bored.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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By your combat level skilling with the levels you have now will not compare to what you can earn via melee. Like the post above, slayer is highly, highly profitable. I have not touched combat since 70 stats without being on slayer. Otherwise you're left with 100% drops - ranging colored dragons, perhaps.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


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