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Here is a lttle tid bit that you guys may want to add for the construction guide.




Through my vast calculating of how to get to 99 construction the cheapest way possible I have found one way that only costs me $6mil. Now considering that with oak larders the cheapest way to get to 99 would be over $50mil from my current level of 58. Now the way to get 99 construction that I am about to propose to all the tipiters out there does require you to have at least 59 construction (or a way to get there, I.E. porcelain cups, crystal saw), completion of the following quests: Priest in Peril and Shades of Mort'ton, it would be handy to have 81 combat as the shades (lv40) in Mort'ton won't attack you, but it isn't needed, and a Games Room. First you would need to acquire $6mil in some way. Next travel down to Mort'ton and buy 639,820 limestone from Razmire the general store owner. Limestone should be bought by him because it is only 10gp each and he has an infinite supply. Now because you can't buy the limestone in bank notes, the closest bank is in Burgh de Rott. Next you will probably spend the next several days cutting all of the limestone into limestone bricks. Next go to your house in building mode and start making limestone attack stones (lv 59). Enjoy your new 99 Construction.




Hope this helps you!







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This is a good method but there are some bad points about it too




yes it would cost me less then 6m cash for all my limestone for 99 construction since I am level 80 at the moment. But I'm sure no one wants to be cutting well over 500k+ limestone into limestone bricks and it would probably take more then one week maybe a whole month or two.




I worked it out from level 80 construction I would need to make 55,240 Limestone attack stones from level 80 all the way to level 99. It is 10 limestone bricks for every limestone attack stone you make so that would mean doing the maths which is:




Prices Of Limestone


55,240 X 10=5,524,000 that's how much it would cost me to get 99 making Limestone attack stones.


55,240 X 98=5,413,520 that's how much it costs buying from grand exchange (lowest price)


55,240 X103=5,689,720 that's how much it costs buying from grand exchange (medium price)


55,240 X108=5,965,920 that's how much it costs buying from grand exchange (maximum price)






I know a better but more expensive way which is to purchase Limestone bricks from the stonemason in Keldagrim for 21 each well cheaper then the grand exchange, this will save you time instead of cutting all the limestone into limestone bricks. So this will be more expensive but saving you a lot of time and money really



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As you have discovered, the time to cart these back and forth to the bank, and the small xp earned for each one used to build, are my concerns.




At 20xp each, versus the 60xp per oak plank that most people use, this would take 3x as long even without considering the hauling.




If you find that you can get 20 levels in a reasonable amount of time, please post again and let us know.


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