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Hunt For Raktuber-Hunting The Penguins

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Hunting Penguins




I did some research into the rewards from the quest:




Talk to the Polar Bear named Jim to the north-east of Larry's longboat on the ice burg, he will mention that he wishes to still infiltrate the penguins. He also says there's a new ice burg north which is connected to the Penguin Outpost and the penguins have bought reinforcements. He then says that he has got equipment for you to practice hunting and tracking penguins. In exchange for experience he wants to you to hand over the KGP agents.




To start this simply just across the stepping stones to the east of Jim the Polar Bear. Once you've jumped the stepping stones you will unlock a new music track 'Ice Day For Penguins'.




If you have 50 hunter you can use small fishing nets and rope to make traps like you do when catching salamanders. If you catch nothing simply pick up the small fishing net and rope again and make a new trap. Catching one using this method earns you 250 hunter experience per penguin.




At level 45 hunter you can use the tracking method which involves using a noose wand to inspect burrows and snowdrifts for footprints. This also earns you 250 hunter experience for managing to track down a penguin.




If you have 51 Hunter you can use the dead fall traps to trap penguins. There preferred bait is raw cod. If you need wood you can simply search the ruined boat as described below. Doing this earns 210 hunter experience.




After you have some KGP Agent penguins take them back to Jim the Polar Bear to exchange them for experience.



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Thanks so much for your submission! ::'




However, it looks as if all of this information can already be found in the Hunter skill guide/Red Raktuber quest guide.




We appreciate you taking the time to do some research on your own; it really helps in making our job easier. :thumbsup:




Locking for now -- if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to PM me. ;)




- SerpentEye


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