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Guide For A Defence Pure


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Table of Contents:




I. Picking a name


II. Equipment for training


III. Training spots


IV. Helpful quests


V. Avoiding trouble


VI. Tips and tricks


VII. Questions and answers


VIII. Credits




I. Picking a name.




There are three things to keep in mind when coming up with a name. They are, originality, simplicity and likeness (if that's even a word).




You want an original name, because copying someone else's name will not make you look good. Also, in my case, when I copy someone else's name, I come to not like it later. So choose a name that you can stick with 'til the end.




Another thing that is significant in making a name, is the simplicity of it. The reason a simple name is often a good name, is that people will remember you much more easily. Names like Def noob23912 or Defil3d320 are hard to remember. So if you plan on being the best of the best, make your name simple so people will remember you.




Finally, the most important factor in a name, you need to like the name. If you're anything like me and create an account with a name that you're not so crazy about, you'll regret it forever.






II. Equipment for training.








There are only a few weapons to choose from when making a defense pure because you'll only have 1 attack. These are Iron dagger, Iron scimitar, Red topaz machete and Silverlight.




Iron Scimitar




The iron scimitar is the best f2p weapon to train with. It's fast and fairly accurate.




Red Topaz Machete




A Red topaz machete is the overall best weapon known for defense pures. It attacks just as fast as a scimitar or dagger, but has higher damage and accuracy.








Bronze - 1 Defense




Bronze is a very weak armor and should not be used because Iron gives better defense bonuses while having the same defense requirements.




Iron - 1 Defense




Another weak armor, but it is the best that you can use until 5 defense.




Steel - 5 Defense




This armor is still very weak compared to others, but it is the best that you can wear until 10 defense.




Black - 10 Defense




Black is an interesting armor because you cannot make it using the smithing skill. Also, some items only drop from monsters and are not sold at shops (for example, the black kite shield). Use this armor until 20 defense.




Mithril - 20 Defense




Now you're getting to the good stuff. Mithril gives a medium defense bonus and requires 20 defense. A great thing about it, is it weighs less than other armor so you can preserve that precious energy for longer amount of time.




Adamant - 30 Defense




Adamant also gives a decent defense bonus. A cool thing about it, is that you can get it in trimmed or gold trimmed if you want to look fancy . Use this armor until 40 defense.




Rune - 40 Defense




Now we're getting to the higher armors. Rune armor gives the best defense bonus for free to play worlds and some defense pures stop here. But we're going to keep going! Use Rune armor until 60 defense.




Dragon and Obsidian - 60 Defense




Dragon armor is probably the prettiest armor (in my opinion ). It also gives a great defense bonus. And once again, a lot of defense pures stop here, but we're going to continue to be the best. Use dragon armor until 65 or 70 defense. Depending on the amount of money you have to spend.




Third Age Melee - 65 Defense




Third Age armor comes from a long time ago. It gives a great defense bonus, but there's a down side. It is amazingly expensive. It isn't much better than dragon, so you can stick with dragon until 70 defense.




Bandos - 65 Defense




Bandos, like Third Age, is very expensive. It comes from the God Wars Dungeon and it's melee bonuses are slightly lower than that of Third Age Melee armor. However, it makes up for this with much greater ranged defense bonus as well as some bonuses to strength and prayer. One thing to remember about Bandos equipement is that there is no helm or shield. Only torso, legs and boots.




Barrows - 70 Defense




Barrows is my personal favorite armor for defense pures and for any other type of character with 70 defense for that matter. There is a down side though. It needs to be repaired after every 15 hours of combat (and it costs a good amount to repair). The repair costs are listed below.




Keep in mind these are the repair costs when the item is at 0. You can repair it earlier for less.




Barrows Helms - 60,000 gp


Barrows Body Armor - 90,000 gp


Barrows Leg Armor - 80,000 gp


Barrows Weapons - 100,000 gp




Dragonfire Shield - 75 Defense




The Dragonfire Shield works wonders for defense pures. It allows them to stake and even PK with ease. What makes it so special is that it has a special attack. The special attack uses the fire from dragons to your advantage. What you must do is charge the shield by having dragons use their fiery breath attack on it. Once it is fully charge you may "operate" it to unleash the fire on an opponent.




BEWARE! The Dragonfire Shield will give magic experience if you use the special attack on a monster. So only use the special attack on other players if you want to continue as a defense pure.




For more information on the Dragonfire Shield visit these links: Runescape Knowledge Base or Zybez Item Database




Statius and Vesta - 20/78 Defense




This is another ancient type of armor that is found on PVP worlds. I would not reccomend this armor to a defense pure unless you are pking with an dragonfire shield. These armors give HUGE defense bonuses while being less expensive than bandos and third age. How can this be? Well these armors come with a big catch. They will last only 15-60 minutes depending on whether they have full requirements or not. Their defense requirements will also vary depending on their state. If they come with full requirements they'll require 78 defense to equip, and the other with require 20 defense.




Note: I'm not sure if these will degrade outside of combat or not. If anyone does know this, please post about it.




Sacred Clay - 1/80 Defense




This is a great option for training, but might take a while to obtain. So you need to decide whether or not its worth getting. Sacred Clay armor comes in 5 different varieties (classes) and each class requires a different level and gives different bonuses:




Class 1: no defense requirement


Class 2: 20 Defense


Class 3: 40 Defense


Class 4: 60 Defense


Class 5: 80 Defense




The special thing about sacred clay equipment is that it provides you with 2x the experience if you train with it. However as you train with it, the armor will degrade.




For more information on this armor visit: Stealing Creation (Knowledge Base Article)




III. Training spots. (monster info taken from Zybez.net)




1-10 Defense:




The ideal monster to train on for these levels is Chicken (level-3). There are many in one location, and they deal no damage (no matter what defense level you have)








Combat: 3


Hitpoints: 3


Race: Animal


Members: No


Quest: No


Nature: Not Aggressive


Attack Style: Melee


Examine: Yep definitely a chicken.




THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SINCE MONKS ARE NO LONGER THE ONLY TRAINING SPOT YOU'LL NEED. For the most part, any low level monster with a decent amount of hitpoints will do well for a def pure.




Also, pest control is the fastest place to train. However, in order to get into pest control with all other combat stats at 1, you'll need around 85 defense (to meet the level 40 minimum requirement).






IV. Helpful quests.




At the moment there are no quests that can be easily done on a defense pure that give defense experience. So this section will be coming soon






V. Avoiding Trouble




1. While training your defense pure, you may be tempted to leave your computer. However, this is against JaGeX rules and is dangerous because of random events. I believe that it is allowed to browse other web pages while training though.




2. Once you've become a pretty good defense pure, with say 40 70 defense, you will want to show off with fancy armor or items. Be Careful! A well known *sort of defense pure* named Defil3d, got killed by an Evil Chicken and lost hundreds of millions of GPs worth in items (including a white partyhat).




3. While training anywhere, I guarantee that there will be people coming and flaming you for not killing the monk fast enough. Just add them to your ignore list, because it isn't worth getting banned. Especially if you've got over 40 def and have already spent all that time on your account.






VI. Tips and tricks.




1. If you're using your defense pure for staking/PKing, be sure to use a poisoned dagger. It can deal 6 damage, which can ultimately be the difference between life and death in some cases.




2. If you are lucky enough to stick with your pure and reach 75 defense, I recommend buying a Dragonfire shield. The shield has a special attack which can deal 20+ damage. It is a sure fire way to win a stake.




3. For training, an amulet that gives extra accuracy bonus is better than one that gives a strength bonus. Therefore, Amulet of Power is better than Amulet of Strength (f2p) and Amulet of Fury is better than Amulet of Glory (p2p).




4. A good way to get an extra 500 or so experience per hour, is bringing an inventory full of Strength and Attack potions. They'll put you up to 4 strength and attack and an inventory can last for up to an hour. (tip submitted by M_T_I_G)




VII. Questions and Answers




Q: How long will it take to get from 1-40 defense?


A: Approximately 30 hours. It differs depending on your playing time per day and your training weapon.




Q: Couldn't I just train on monks from 1-99 defense?


A: Yes, it is possible. However, from 1-10 defense, the monks will hit very often, so I suggest getting black armor before training there. It is no longer possible to train efficiently on monks, because they DO NOT heal themselves anymore.




Q: Can a defense pure wear Dragon sq. shield?


A: No. Legends quest requires 50 strength to complete. So, Dragon. Sq shield is out of the question. An alternative would be an Obsidian shield.




Q: Is there any way to make a defense pure with 9 or 10 hits, in order to have a lower than normal combat level?


A: Yes, in fact Sid Viicious was the first (or one of the first) to go for 60 defense with 10 hits. What you need to do is train your defense solely with genie lamps, books of knowledge and penguins.




Q: What are the defense requirements for Third Age Melee armor?


A: Third Age Melee armor requires 65 defence to wield.




Q: Are defense pures actually good for staking or Pking?


A: Yes. They are good stakers once you reach about 60 defense. However, in order to Pk with them, I advise that you have a Dragonfire Shield which requires 75 defense. This is because a Dragonfire Shield can hit 20+ and without it, there's no way to k.o. someone.




Brought to you by Zybez.


URL TO GUIDE: http://www.zybez.net/community/index.ph ... pic=890113

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Approximately 30 hours. It differs depending on your playing time per day and your training weapon.


How can the total time depend on the time you play per day? It will always take 30hrs, it doesn't matter wether you play 5hours or 1 hour a day.




Note: I'm not sure if these will degrade outside of combat or not. If anyone does know this, please post about it.


Vesta's armour does not degrade whilst out of combat.




Also the max hit of dragonfireshield is 25 and you have a 2 minute cooldown in between 2 attacks.




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Also, pest control is the fastest place to train. However, in order to get into pest control with all other combat stats at 1, you'll need around 85 defense (to meet the level 40 minimum requirement).


At this, when your 39 combat you get 99 defence so it's not worth on this part. Other than that good guide :D

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