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  1. Tempted to say, yes. Though since they can only fight other pures similar to themselves or nubs who don't know what they're doing, I'd say they're ineffective. Haven't heard much about PKing though. Besides the obvious "REMOVE EOC IT SUCKS PKING SUCKS NOW." Not that I stay connected to the RSOF often. They're awful.
  2. Alrighty, where do I start. Ok, first, you should be using EVERY ranged ability EXCEPT for ultimates and escape. Binding shot should always be followed by peircing shot so as to boost its damage (from I believe 125% to 188%). snapshot is useful, even if its not as good as bombardment/rapid fire. Speaking of rapid fire, when using a royal crossbow and royal bolts, its instant death for a waterfiend. Of course, not everyone HAS a royal crossbow. As for weapons, rune 2h crossbow is better than dual-weild rune crossbows, and for multiple reasons. First of all, its is average speed (1 attack per 3.6 seconds) vs 2 fastest (1 attack every 2.4 seconds per attack.), which means you use fewer bolts with auto attacks (should you for some reason use auto attacks, say while getting a drink). It also has increased damage, which means it deals more damage per bolt. And lastly, since abilities are used at the same speed regardless of weapon speed, this means you get more damage per ability with a 2h crossbow than with dual-weild crossbows. Nonetheless, I'd recommend a crystal bow or better, as they aren't difficult to obtain. Although waterfiends are weak to bolts, arrows work well enough. I *believe* using the proper weakness provides a rough 10-20% accuracy boost over same CB triangle type weapons, but since accuracy is dependent purely on weapon level (10*level requirement), this shows that if it is 10% accuracy boost, a T70 bow has better accuracy than a T60 crossbow. (if its 20%, a t60 crossbow would have 720 accuracy, or 20 more than a t7 bow. For this reason, excluding costs, I feel this makes the crystal bow superior to the dragon crossbows). Use broad bolts if you have 55 slayer. They're pretty cheap and have stats idencial to runite bolts. You should mention the charms/hour. Just throwing it out there, but waterfiends are, at 99 ranged, an estimated 250 crimsons/hour. This is without ranging potions, combat familiars and prayer. I used a yak and picked up loot, so you can probably hit 260+. Also, vampyrism aura pretty much makes you impossible to kill for an hour when using abilities. Use it. And last but not least, don't waste your adrenaline with deadshot. I only use deadshot if all 3 of my thresholds are on cooldown. Otherwise, its just a waste, and even in that scenario, the thresehold cooldowns aren't long, so its still a waste imo. I only do it because the royal crossbow is extremely powerful so it kills a waterfiend while I spam abilities on other waterfiends. So, a short summary of what I said. 1: 2h rune corssbow > dual-wield rune crossbows 2: Use all abilities barring escape and ultimates* 3: Best weapon is the royal crossbow. After that, probably duel-chaotic crossbows, but at that point I'd stick with the cheaper crystal bow. 4: easily 200+ crimson charms per hour. 5: Vampyrism is extremely good here. *Deadshot should be used only when all 3 thresholds are on cooldown. Granted even then, its not worth it imo. Hope this helps. PS: Use a god coif. Its a level 60 ranging helmet. Costs like 40k >.>
  3. The part about aggressive mobs is incorrect. Being 194ish combat atm, spirits are still aggressive. That was the old forumla. I believe they changed it so that that monsters are either always or never aggressive, until possibly a certain level range (unable to test, since I'm 190+). As for this guide, why would you melee? Magic is multiple times faster, and a lot safer. Batwing gear is sufficient for this place if you're a high level mage with access to soul split and a penance aura. Though I suppose if you hate magic now for some reason or want a challenge, sure, why not. Still seems highly inefficient (granted, I am guilty of meleeing mithrils on beta server). As for some tips, glory has more prayer than fury now, at the cost of a mere .3% crit chance (hence why I got rid of my fury). Use a penance aura, it is absolutely worth it. If you don't use penance, grab a bone crusher with a demon horn necklace (or just the necklace and bury the bones for 300 prayer). This way, even with penance, you'll last a lot longer (possibly nearly forever with magic and SS). Also, have you tried using the chaotic maul here? I believe I've heard that 2h weapons have a small overall % higher dps than dual-wield weapons of the same tier, and since mithrils are weak to earth spells, I'm not sure if they have even defenses against stab as they do crush, or if stab is still slightly better against them. Otherwise, well written, I just find the concept slightly amusing =P
  4. I am SSJ2Goku264, and I'm currently looking for a dungeoneering clan to help me achieve my goals. I'm currently 119 combat (close to 120), and 61 dung, with 1864 total levels. I'm not fond of keying (or dungeoneering, but that's a different topic?), and I'm currently 61, aiming for 81+ dungeoneering. I'm a friendly person who is willing to help others, and enjoys bandos/arma godwars, although its been quite a long time since I've been. I'm sick of soloing, and w117 has not been kind to me, and so I've decided to search for an actual dungeoneering clan. My melee levels are about 85, I have 97 range (99 banked), and 80 magic, with 82 summoning and 76 prayer. My stat levels are relatively average, going from RC's 58 to cooking's 77 with 80 slayer. Also note: I'm more than willing to join a clan not based on dungeoneering if its got a lot of dungeoneering goers.
  5. So did you check the exp/hr rates? If g altaring is a lot faster, you would save money by saving valueable time. (random troll fact: till is with two ls) This If you make more money than the cost difference in this method per hour, then this method is slower than dbones on guilded altars. Makes me wish we could grind dragon bones with a pest and mort, but we can't :/ NOTE: This isn't a bad method. Its faster than ectoing Dragon bones. My friend did 92/93-99 this way just recently. Shame we still need the buckets of slime XD
  6. As users have said, ZMI and slayer are likely the greatest sources. Perhaps some players obtain them in other ways (non-slayer monster drops), but I do know how they are used. Pking with vengence (small total % usage, as I doubt pkers bring thousands). Its likelier that Mud run crafting, as well as combo rune crafting, drains a lot of these. Perhaps lava and mud are the biggest drains, but I'm not 100% sure
  7. I've experienced the same thing 4 times in the past week. What happened for my was that my Internet DC'd while I was playing runescape, and then my Computer threw a blue screen at my face. It auto-reboots, but its still weird. NOTE: 0 people currently online. Runescape has officially died. All that works for me is the front page, and now randomly, the game bar. @Ren. True, but you can't rant if said rant section is down =P NOTE2: The EXTREME DUNGEONEERING GUIDE on the forums has randomly worked for me now. Frontpage... is dying. XD
  8. New location for the keldagrim Orb scan (no pic though) Bottom floor of the marketplace building. enter the building from the Western side of the river and its in-between the general and smithing stores, you face a lvl 125 guthix wizard level 4 clue obtained form iron dragon. More to come if I get new clues EDIT: another new one? Scan in traverly dungeon. Towards the eastern wall of the magic axe room EDIT 2: a 3rd new scan location? just north of Ardy castle and a bit south east of the bar
  9. I'd hate for the level cap to be increased. I'm a casual player, so I don't have a 99 (I want one, but I prefer to playing when i want and achieving that goal slowly). If i had to get 104m xp for the max cap, I'll still play, but I'll never bother aiming higher, and hell I'd probably quit. Runescape still takes days to get 99's, and that's assuming you've collected all materials ahead of time, as well as assuming you know what to do. A completely knew player might takes months to get that 99. 13.1m xp takes long enough to get, and most people have lives. I'd prefer a large game that takes a lot of time, but not an insanely large game that takes up your life. Not to mention it would totally unbalance things in the future. I loved runescape before, when our hits barely passed the 90's, and I know i'm not the only one. Now jagex updated it to hit 10x those amounts, but that lost some of RS's uniqueness as a whole. Now having skills surpass 99 further makes it lose its uniqueness. Not to mention, Dungeoneering isn't worth much in my eyes, it boosting the magic level of 99 to 120 and 104m xp was too much. The concept is great, but as a skill its all over the place. For someone with my stats (62 pray, 88 hp, 82 att, 84 str, 81 def, 91 range, 72 mage, 75 summon), with ~60's in his other skills, combat is much to difficult in that skill. I have the levels for higher equipment, but I can't make such equipment. hence 1 reason I'm just against boosting the levels further. it'll remind me of the skill we call crap (dung=dungeoneering), and I think that will be the end of my RS life. I stuck around when the wildy was removed, but dung brought me closer to quitting than wildy being removed did :/ Great articles btw
  10. Well, if I recall, gems have dropped quite a bit recently. Cut diamonds are 12.7k (uncut is 15.6k), ruby is 4.5k (5.9k uncut), emeralds are 4k (uncut is 5.1k) and sapphires are 1.3k (1.7k uncut). I don't think this is as good as a month ago sadly =/
  11. Hey, great guide as I've most likely mentioned already (or if I haven't, I have now) But I noticed some slayer monsters are missing, like bloovelds. Did you delete them or something?
  12. Head Ahrims Hood > Infinity Hat (Use infinity hat if you arent bringing a mitre) Amulet Fury > Glory Cape Soul Wars Cape > Ardougne Cape 3 > God Cape (Soul wars cape because of prayer bonus) Weapon Master Wand > Ancient Staff > Water Staff Body Ahrims Top > Mystic Top (I strongly recommend Ahrims) Shield Mage Book > Arcane Spirit Shield > Prayer Book Legs Ahrims Skirt > Mystic Bottom (I strongly recommend Ahrims) Gloves Barrows Gloves > Infinity Gloves > Mystic Gloves Boots Infinity Boots > Mystic Boots Ring Ring of Life* > Seers Ring Considering yesterday's update, some things need changing. Shield Mage Book > Arcane Spirit Shield > Prayer Book Should be Arcane Spirit shield > Mage's book, as it gives Prayer bonus. Arguing that it costs too much for the average player isn't an argument, since it is plain better. Weapon Master Wand > Ancient Staff > Water Staff Staff of Light is now #1, and Water staff is #2, as water staff saves waters, which saves more money than the few runes saved by 10% more power. Staff of Light is an exception, as it hits 15% harder, and saves runes 1/8 of the time, making it extremely useful if it saves the more expensive runes. Amulet Fury > Glory Its Fury > Stole. Glory's prayer bonus is trash compared to stole's and stoles are cheap. The +10 magic bonus isn't worth much to be honest. Still, not bad, but I don't burst lobs. Not quite rich enough. Also, Farseer helm > ahrim's hood (doesn't degrade and costs 1/2 the price, just looks worse) Still, not bad
  13. Hey, I've got a questions. The Binding necklace lasts 15 uses right? Well, don't you use 2 per trip? You use airs on the altar once, empty pouches and use airs on the altar again = 2 uses of airs on the altar... so, how does the binding necklace last 15 trips? otherwise, good guide. I'm only 51 rc, so I might actually do this. Awesome job
  14. Same here. Real shame, this guide was awesome. Sorry about runetek5 messing this up :/ it was soooo good and damn it, I wanted to do the bandos mages, but 70 slayer stopped me, and now your method is completely gone :'( oh well, hope you can find new monsters :P but yeah, tabs 2-5 aren't opening for me :/
  15. I might take it over if you want, but I doubt I'd make it half as good as you did, and I am kind of busy lately. Still, I made 500k with this method today (and more once the rest sell) Just to say, Vials and Water filled vials do not sell for min for me. Well, at least the water filled vials I can use for Herblore :P I also did the Lumbridge cellar. It is a frickin gold mine. Pots of cream sell for like 800 each and are bought for like 15. flour is dirt cheap and sells instantly for over 100 each. Cheese sells ofr over 100 each, grapes sell for 200 each (albeit there are only 5 in stock at once). Milk (max of 10 in store) cna be churned into butter for 8x the value (although it is a LONG process) and pats of cream and be churned into butter for 2x the value (again, LONG). Earth runes sold instantly for med I believe. Waters took a few minutes at min. Chocolate i forgot how long it took. Broad arrow heads are NOT worth it, and Broad Bolt tips took like 10 minutes to sell for min. the meat from the Ogre Spa all sold instantly (I bought the bear and rat meat as well, sold instantly) but I forgot rabbit meat) Laws CAN be sold for a slight profit, but it might be better to buy for personal use instead of selling. if you'd like, I'll take over, but as i said, I doubt I'll do better than you.
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