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What makes a good tank?


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Well I am currently a hybrid with these stats: (f2p)




att 40


str 73 (almost 74)


hp 71


mage 57


pray 1


range 75


..and defence 5.. by accidents :( and because of this I would like to turn it into a tank, cus its kinda failed now.


But I don't know what makes a good tank, how these stats should be. So my question is, does anyone has any advice for me to become a good tank? or what I should do, cus I realy hate the 5 def atm :evil:

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In f2p, tanks fail. In p2p however...




Get prayer to 44, defence to about 45 (after completing dragon slayer). Full black dragonhide gives a huge range bonus, helping to make up for range levels, so full dhide is a must. Usually you would use a rune/addy kite and full helm, as well, with a rune crossbow.




Your stats right now are really close to mine, and from personal experience range tanks do tend to own.

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Tanks aren't that bad in f2p (look at pkndemon), though admittedly, they are much, much more powerful in p2p.




Personally, what I'd consider an amazing tank would be something like 60-99-70, 99 hp, 99 range/mage, and 45 pray (which would make you 99 combat). The 60 attack is there for good accuracy & ability to use corrupt for k0s.




However, even though you've gotten 5 defence, you also have the option of becoming a runer, in which case you'd be like 60-99-40 (with the aforementioned stats, that'd make you 91 combat). You could get 45 defence for the rune berserker shield (for the rare occasions that you go out meleeing).

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