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Good buy/deal?


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I saw this on Craigslist... He's selling it for $500




Alright i have here my one year old custom built gaming computer. I have never had any problems with this. I will reformat it back to original state with xp home or vista if i can find my vista disc. Im looking for 500 obo. Very open to trades just let me know what you have.








Micrsoft XP Home Edition




Intel Core 2 DUO CPU




6600 @ 2.40 GHz




3.00 GB of RAM




300 GB Hard Drive




Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Sound Card




GeForce 8600 GTS Video Card




GeForce 8800 GT Video Card




GIGABYTE GA-945P-S3 LGA 775 Intel 945P ATX Intel Motherboard




Lite-ON DVDRW (LH-20A1H) light scribe




Lite-ON DVDRW (LH-20A1L) light scribe




600 Watt PSU




Fan Control Module (mounted in the extra bay) controls up to six fans




Wireless Card




Black Thermaltake Case




Logitech G15 Keyboard




Logitech G5 Mouse




17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor (LG)




I have a Toshiba Satellite A205 Laptop, would that be a good trade?


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No, not a good deal. Plus I would never buy a computer from Craigslist, that is just asking for trouble.




He mentions an 8600GTS and 8800GT, I'm pretty sure you can't SLI those two so why did he even mention both? Still you can probably build the same thing for around the same price or cheaper and get the peace of mind of having the warranties for various components. It's a pretty poor PC these days either way.

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