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  1. Origin is literally a non-issue for it. The issue is the stupid battlelog that they insist on using. Anyways been having some issues with the game today. Crashing a decent bit... usually before a match ends. Obviously something to expect from DICE lol; I do hope it is fixed soon though. I managed to get into one of the 64 player servers today too but it was so laggy that it was hard to do anything. My gripes with Origin are partially in-line with why I hate when retail versions of games require Steam, despite the fact that I myself would want the Steam version anyway. People don't want to have another thing running just for one game. On top of that; Origin is a service rather than a program, it checks your installed programs and sends it to EA even if you don't want it to (it's part of the EULA.) The same is allegedly true for your browser history ([bleep] you EA, find your own [bleep]ing porn.) My solution is to format my old HDD, grab a new PSU since mine can't handle all the [cabbage] I've got plugged in already, and dual-boot for the sole purpose of denying EA my goddamn data. If I can figure out how to build a program I'll pretty much give it a name to bash EA. Jesus, how [bleep]ing paranoid are you? Anyways disregarding the paranoia bit Origin is still a non-issue. I have it added as a non-official game on steam, named it "battlefield 3" and thats it. You don't even use Origin for anything but to go to the battlelog. It's stupid that it requires something like that, and I would prefer a steam version, but I'm not about to just not play one of the best FPS games this year because I'm afraid Origin will see that I play a lot of starcraft or something. It's like 3.8GB on PC.
  2. Origin is literally a non-issue for it. The issue is the stupid battlelog that they insist on using. Anyways been having some issues with the game today. Crashing a decent bit... usually before a match ends. Obviously something to expect from DICE lol; I do hope it is fixed soon though. I managed to get into one of the 64 player servers today too but it was so laggy that it was hard to do anything.
  3. I've never actually done any team games. Just some 2v2's when I first got the game with a friend. I kind of wanna try some monobattles but then I always just figure I'd rather be laddering to get to masters =P. I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable in PvT. I'm using warp prism micro for my HT's a lot more to avoid emp's now and I'm putting immortals into my lineup as well. Something like 5-6 immortals in my gateway ball actually helps beef it up a lot. Also I am fairly confident in holding the 1/1/1 build now with my opener (gate > robo > gate > expand) because if I obs scout it coming I cancel the nexus, drop down a stargate and chrono out a few phoenix while getting immortals off of my robo. Killing off the early banshee that comes for harass is huge and then I just lift up the tanks to get into a good position. Kind of easy actually... at least against diamond/low masters level players lol. Still a bit awkward in PvZ though. I'm making a lot of scrub mistakes in that match up though and I keep getting caught really badly off guard by brood switches. Mutalisks are also the bane of my existence once they get a decent ball... and it is shortly becoming the new go-to ZvP strat I feel post 1.4. Oh well, I know that if I stop doing some stupid things and hammer out a stronger opener than what I am doing now than I should win it a bunch more. I can usually just get by with making big mistakes early game vs diamonds... but vs masters I really can't. And PvP is, well, PvP. The only good thing is I found a sick colossi timing that has pretty much crushed every protoss I've played on the ladder. So many of them waste a billion gas on sentries out of fear of early pressure.
  4. I really hope the locked servers are still up when I get home. Really want to play on that map.
  5. Should probably also mention I'm running a GTX560ti and 2500k :P. Lol. I only get like 80-90fps on 32 player servers though. I do know that TF2 is optimized for 24 though.
  6. Played this a ton yesterday. Apparently they leaked the passwords to some 64 player servers too... I'm hoping I can get in one when I get off of work today. So far my thoughts are that the game is incredible. Shooting feels great, people go down decently fast (but not so fast that you can't react in time) and the game is beautiful. Just all the little touches in the game are great. You can blind people with the flashlight and you can actually shine the laser pointer in someones eyes and they'll see it :P. When you get shot your vision gets blurry instead of just red... it's so good. The map they have for the beta is a lot of fun. The first part is standard battlefield stuff; very open and pretty difficult if you are playing on it for a first time. Once it gets into the subway it gets a lot of fun though and there are a lot of really good firefights while both sides fight to gain ground towards the objective. My only downside is I'm not sure why they decided to use a [bleep]ing web browser to search for servers. It's dumb. The game requires origin yet hardly actually uses it for anything but an overlay. I had a lot of problems getting into a game with my friend the other day. And as I said before I'm getting a steady 50-60fps (70fps indoors) with this game maxed. You have no idea how good it feels to play this game maxed out at 1080p @60fps.
  7. I get like 150FPS on 24 player servers :S.
  8. Man this game is [bleep]ing beautiful. 40-50 FPS maxed out on Ultra @ 1920x1200. I haven't even overclocked this machine yet. Seriously... the PC version just looks amazing. So much crazier when you're in game and not just looking at a screenshot.
  9. Can you get games early by lying about your timezone, or does it release for everyone at once? Nah generally its just they set a certain time for it to unlock. ^.
  10. Heh, alright. Figures such a [cabbage]ty hat would be worth a lot :/. And alright, that's cool about the vintage hats. If only it was possible to trade for the dota 2 beta :P
  11. I did. [bleep]ing like 10 more minutes at work and then I'm rushing home to install and play it. I'll update with what FPS my PC gives me.
  12. To be clear we're talking about This item right? Or are we talking about the Bills sport shine because I have that too. (vintage). I feel like I could be sitting on a gold mine and not know it lol. And just because I'm curious now this is all the hats I own currently (not counting untradable ones.): Ghastly Gibbus Elis cap Bill's Hat Vintage Demoman Fro Vintage Bill's Sport Shine Vintage Foster's Facade Napper's Respite
  13. Played for a decent bit yesterday. Crafted the machinima sniper. Also I want a cool soldier hat. Right now I've just got [cabbage]ty generic hats (bills hat, elis cap, ect.) and nothing *cool*. Anyone have any that I could trade for. (though I might not get around to trading for a bit, BF3 beta!)
  14. http://www.youtube.com/user/TehN1ppe Pretty awesome. He has a ton of fully uploaded OST's if anyone is interested in that sort of thing :P. I.E: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VavjoL9xB0&feature=related
  15. Midnight launch? Lol. I'll have the game pre-downloaded and ready to unlock at midnight ;p.
  16. Well thats good then I guess. I have a few vintage hats and stuff.
  17. Ah. Yeah I'm reading up on the ranks and items and stuff now. Crafting actually is easier than I thought... I might be able to make a couple of weapons that I want. http://www.tf2items.com/id/Nadril And I just realized the gloves I got were strange gloves. Cool. Also do people ever trade for crates? I found one but no way am I going to get a key or w/e to open it. e: do people value 'Vintage' items at all? haha.
  18. Just beat my first masters player, a terran. Pretty pumped about it too. Also I have a pro new avatar.
  19. I hate the first person model of it though, I'm used to them being off to the side :( Strange black box ftw anyway :D Nah man, the model and everything is perfect. I love it. The [bleep] are strange weapons anyways? I always feel like an old man playing it now lol, with my 2007 badge and me being super confused at what is going on.
  20. Started to play a little more recently out of boredom. Still confused at all of these items and the fact that there are rarities and stuff now? (Which I don't understand at all) I did end up trading the RIFT Tf2 pre-order items for some cool stuff though. Got the quake rocket launcher, some pyro hat (beanie?), a couple of weapons and some weird heavy gloves that I can't remember the name of. Also found the mackrel so I spent all day running around as scout slapping people with it. Seriously though, trading for that quake rocket launcher = best life decision ever. God the sound it makes is so satisfying.
  21. Nadril


    Last week of my internship, yeaaaah. Then I'll be officially graduated and have the fancy diploma and everything. also I wish you'd all stop quoting tim, it takes away the purpose of a block if I read it all anyways.
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