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-[ Lvl 94 w/ 99 str pure f2p GOING MAIN ]- Updated daily

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Road to 123 Pure F2P








I created this account on Oct 2006 with the intention of maxing it out as a F2P Rune Pure (and being pure f2p). I achieved this on July 23, 2009 (I have taken many breaks ever since 06 - not continuous training). My main got perm banned. It was level 124f2p and had been F2P 90% but it had P2P stats :(. I been thinking about having a level 123 that has always been pure f2p. I'm not that far from it when you think about it.. so I decided to go main. Another reason is because I am tired of little level 90s who can't afford to loose a Rune Scimitar or a Rune Set during a "no arm dm". It's not going to change when I reach 123, I know, but oh well.






My pure stats prior to starting def (german world). 94 combat:








My goal is level 123 f2p combat - pure f2p. I will need:




- 99 Attack


- 99 Defense


- 99 Hitpoints


- 74 Prayer






You must be thinking "it's going to take FOREVER" :ohnoes: . Heh, it really won't take that long. This is the math I have done :D.


[hide=Clicky]Estimate to 123: 3-5 months




logo_prayer.gif31 -> 74 Prayerlogo_prayer.gif


I need 72095 Big Bones which means I've to kill that amount of Ice Giants. I will gain 20.1M exp in the process (HP not included). I will be doing it mostly at Ice Giants in the Wilderness and sometimes down at Port Sarim.




40 -> 80 Defense


This should only take 2-3 days (after creating this topic). My combat level will skyrocket as well. I will be doing it on Flesh Crawlers only.




80 -> 95 Attack


After getting 80 Defense, I'm going to start training at Giant Spiders (PvP worlds). Since I did 300k a day when I trained Strength... this should take about 3-4 weeks. Not that long, honestly.




95 -> 99 Attack


After getting 95 (yay!), I will start training at Ice Giants. Not because of the experience but because of Big Bones. I will obtain 15224 Big Bones if I just do Ice Giants. Don't know how long it will take :S




80 -> 90 Defense


I am going to do it at Giant Spiders. If I did it at Ice Giants.. it would take too long. It would take the asme amount of time as attack (3-4) weeks.




90 -> 99 Defense


Ice Giants! Around 30k Big Bones. My Prayer should be somewhere in the mid 60s. I should be level 120 or 121.[/hide]






These are the levels I've gotten after the creation of this topic (except 99str)




99 Strength, July 23 2009:






[hide=DEFENSE, latest was 68]68 Defense, July 26 2009:




[hide=ATTACK]coming soon :)[/hide]


[hide=HITPOINTS]almost 90hp[/hide]

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Congratulations on 68 defence. Good luck with 99! ::'

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Congrats on 99 Strength & Rune Pure!! =D> Good luck getting the rest of your Goals. Put how much exp you get each day.

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Going for Level 99 Magic & Level 99 Smithing!!!

Going for 200M Woodcutting exp!!!!!!!

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