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Senliten not fully restored...Help


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I have completed my missing mummy quest and was starting the new arrav quest but my senliten is not fully restored. I have entered the building to see what was missing and it states in my progress report the name is only 1/2. I spoke with the queen and she tells me to go to the upper level of the tomb to get a papyrus to fully restore her name.




I can't find anything in the upper level nor can I locate any thing to kill to obtain the papyrus.




What can I do to obtain this or get it reset?




I can't start the curse of arrav quest without my senliten fully restored, it is at 96%.





May you always find shade & water.


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Ali Morrisan says I need to be more than humanly to persuade him to get the name from him wearing the ring of charos. but in the chat it doesnt and just goes right back to chat options. I have 96% completed missing half the name.

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