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Soul Wars for training?


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I think the main problem might be that it's full of other people who constantly want to kill you. Might be a major hit to your xp rate. You'll probably end up killing enemy players more often than pyrefiends. Got limited experience with Soul Wars, but that's what happened when I tried to train there myself.


[hide=Achievements]Quest Cape - 31st October 2009

68,238th to Fletching Cape - 7th February 2010

Champion's tackle box - 26th July 2010

Nomad killed - 4th of November 2010

140,305th to Woodcutting Cape - 12th April 2011

187,690th to Cooking Cape - 6th June 2011

72,234th to Fishing Cape - 7th July 2011

19,010th to Crafting Cape - 8th July 2011[/hide]

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I believe SW is extremely bad training for any skill other than HP.




Granted you get 6 points per hour if you win. Not to mention only a max of what 10-20k ranged exp/game. If that.




If I were you I would stick with regular training.

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