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More zerker pure help D=


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As some of you may know, I'm building a zerker pure. And so far, things are looking up:




Atk: 60


Str: 74


Def: 45


Rng: 52


Mag: 60


HP: 65


Pry: 43




As you can see, i haven't fail it... Yet :lol:




I need a bit of advice on things I'm planning to do though.






As of right now, i have 3 big things I'm saving for.


Filling my Zam book


Buying a Fury


Buying a zerker ring




I have about 2M atm, and I'm wondering in which order should i purchase these things?


I kill green dragons for cash, and do slayer. And i always have a steady flow of it from my kingdom.








I'm hoping to get 70 range soon.


I'm kniving at yaks, with ranging pots. I'm using bronze knives atm, and when I'm 60 - 61, I'm switching to black. I pot back up when my level is 3 levels above normal.




I've gotten 70 range at yaks before, on my DFS pure. And it was rather a nightmare. The look of that sexy black dragonhide is the only thing that kept me going =P~




I'd like some loose estimated exp rates at yaks with knives. Both black and bronze.




Quest reqs:




I've trained this zerker pure such a way that he will be able to do legends, DT, RFD, and all of the quests up to Roving Elves.


But, i need to get 50 agil, and 53 thieving. What's the fastest way to do this?




Thanks for your help in advance!

Hexiled Razz. Player since March 8th, 2005.

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