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57-69 summoning?


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Hey guys, can anyone help me on what to make for 57-69 summoning? I am trying to get a fruit bat but idk what should I make until that level. I have like 2k gold charms, 1k crims, and 1k greens, is that enough? And what pouches should I sell back to the ogre guy?







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Keep making bloated leaches until 61, then make smoke devils, and then do the stranger plants. I'm drawing blanks on names right now.




That will take 1,760 crimson charms from level 57 (203,254). I imagine you have a little bit more experience than that, but it's the rough number. Since you don't have that many, maybe make some spirit terrorbirds in between. They're not as fast experience, but they're cheap.




*Edit* Haha, I keep editing this post. :)




You should sell all the crimson pouches back.


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