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Cost and time to 88 summon?


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I'm currently at 80 summon with:


Around 2k golds, 1.5k greens, 2k crims, and 200 blues.




Around how many bursts at rock lobs would it take to get me 88 summon, and how much would that cost? (And how many hours would this take)




Then after that, how much would the summoning part of making the pouches and training cost? Thanks!




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Use this calculator:




http://users.telenet.be/glodenox/Charms ... ttern.html




To figure out how long its going to take you just take the total of pouches you need to make and multiply it be 50 then devide it by 60. This will show you how many minutes it will take you.



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Remember that if you're not really rich, to block out those that are expensive to make. Recently i just did 79-88 and it cost me about 16m after trading back for shards.




What i did was use all my Blue charms on Moss Titans, after that i used Gold on Barker Toads, Greens on Fruit Bats. I was able to make Swamp Titans after that, but lizards weren't selling so i just settled with making Granite Lobsters. The only difference between the 2 was about 200k more exp making Swamp Titans instead of G Lobs. But i still got to 88 so it worked out.

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1k barrage = 1,8m gp = 350red/170gold/80green charms




1k barrage = 360-380k magic xp = less than 2 hours




1hour = ~200k mage xp = 200red/100gold/50 green charms




I would say it is around 3600 crimsons along with other charms your looking at 17-20 hours of barraging. This is a rough estimate.

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