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  1. Add it to your brower's bookmarks? As long as the thread doesn't get deleted it should still be there.
  2. Sorry bud, Cptbaker is 74. He's got ya beat. ;) The whole riskier/safer option, in the long term at least, is all in your head. Are snapdragons risky for the short term? Absolutely. But as Sinkhan said, over a long period of time, it does all average out. Exactly right. The only thing that should limit you is how much you can spend. The 210k I used is from using 5 patches, which is what you should be using. Using any less is pointless as all the patches are easy to get to and have no hard requirements to get to, except maybe My Arm's patch since it requires a quest. Off Topic: Yes I am 136 combat, but i don't have a godsword as they all are worthless for what I choose to do. Same with 3rd age, its pointless armor and has no use other then to show wealth. I do not go around talking about how much cash i have, in reality I only have 8m since I bought some dragon bones to level prayer. I currently am playing a noob account with barely 100k gp on it and only ~30 combat. Choose to say what you will about me, but I at least know what I am talking about.
  3. If you plant with super compost, as you should, and use magic secateurs you will get the minimum of 5 herbs per patch. Snapdragons are 69.3k per seed and grimy herbs are 15.9k each. Assume average of 7 per seed like you were and you get 111.3k back per patch making 42k profit per patch or 210k profit per run. Avantoes are 8k per seed and grimy herbs are 6k per seed. Assume average of 7 per seed and you get 42k per patch making 34k profit per patch or 170k profit per run. 40k profit more per run from farming snaps. Not including the money you make by getting more snapdragons back without buying them and them planting those for even more profit.
  4. Get some Ferocious Rings and use those to teleport right next to her. Once you start doing enough task in Kuradal's Dungeon you'll have plenty of those rings on no time. Fairy Ring works quite well as its near a bank and if you done FTP3 you don't even need your staff.
  5. Superheating gold is great for P2P since they have gold smithing gaunlets which increase the exp you get for making gold bars. You might want to stick with mithril.
  6. lol couldn't care less about merched or not :P - I like to in a personal pace :). Anyways, well I guess I should prayer-increasing (proselyte) armour in that case? Wouldn't it be better to safe-spot-range them there? The underlined means to wear proselyte and use prayer. The cannon will do most of the work, you and the familiar will help with finishing them off and getting them killed quicker. You can range them from a safespot with the cannon, but you won't need a familiar then and it would take a little longer.
  7. Ape Atoll you fail less often at 70, and not at all at 75. It seems anyone can fail the wilderness, but the higher the level the less likely it is to happen. Use a terror bird so you're energy will get restored and so it will also get boosted for a short time.
  8. If its not short then its probably long sword I saw. There use to be a topic comparing the scimmy and the long/short sword some where on TIF. Seems the long sword is one speed slower then the scimmy, but has higher stab, slash, strength, and defensive stats then that of the scimmy.
  9. Faster equals more dps which means more exp per hour. Now some might argue about the short sword being better then the scimmy, but you'll have to look that up on your own. The 2h's are normally used for KOs while pking.
  10. And that they will never contact you in game.
  11. Bunyip is for when you aren't taking a ton of damage at once, but usually enough to require food to stay. Things such as slayer tasks fit this. Fire Titan, and more so the Unicorn Stallion, are used for healing at a higher rate. The Fire Titan fights as well as heals you, but it only heals 8 hp with every scroll. The unicorn heals 15% of you constitution level, but doesn't fight, making it very useful for when taking lots of damage and need to heal. Things like most bosses and some pvp areas is where this really works. Using scrolls is the best way to use summoning normally. Bunyip scrolls make you able to eat raw fish if you have the cooking level to cook it, makes it great for waterfiend tasks.
  12. When on those awesome teams you happen to find, try adding them to your friend's list so you can pm them later and see if they're up for doing some floors. Try getting friends that are decent at the skill and go with them.
  13. At least 95 prayer for turmoil and soil split. At least 88? herblore for extreme attack and strength potions. At least 88 summoning for unicorn stallions. If you're look at any chance of soloing bandos, or almost any boss for that matter, you will need to get your herblore and prayer up. If not then you can easily get crashed. Tormented Demons might be within your stats, but I haven't done WGS so idk much about them.
  14. Another reason those soldiers are a good idea is they drop charms. Getting summoning up is always a good thing. I haven't really killed them, but i hear they have some great rune drops and stackable drops. You can also kill Chaos Druids for their herb drops, but you probably get very little combat exp.
  15. The small amount of time used to gain the small amount exp isn't worth it. If you were to take that time and bank and come back you would get more exp. Most reason people don't make is that they don't really sell, the lower level pouches that is. Now some are better to make into scrolls, such as moss/fire/ice titans into Titan's Con. scrolls. Or if the scroll is hard to buy on the GE. This was the reason I made tons of Winter Storage and Healing Aura scrolls while getting to my summoning level.
  16. Best bet is to just turn exp off. Aside from dungeoneering exp, you usually gain very little exp while doing floors. But you do gain combat exp, that is how my friend gained a defense level on accident.
  17. Kuradal. You can use knives or darts in her dungeon and get really fast kills there. That is what i was doing on greater demons and blue dragons. You can range all of her tasks, I have. And the few I don't i usually cannon and melee them. Monsters such as Dags, Bloodvelds, Aberrant Spectres, and Black Demons I usually cannon. For dags and black demons i range and cannon, tanking for dags and safe spots for demons. You can easily tank all of your monsters while on task. If you need some tips or something feel free to ask as I have ranged/maged most of my tasks. Recently though RS has begun to bore me.
  18. At such low of a level, no. Not until you get higher and better stats can you get better exp and cash from killing something. How high do you plan on getting your attack and strength levels before just doing def, range, and magic training?
  19. Yes, its called Windows 7. Other then that, try searching for a good way or ask on the Tech part of these forums.
  20. Waterfiends are great. But at your level, both combat and summoning wise, they are going to be hard to kill. I suggest you get to 65 slayer and kill dust devils or just kill greater demons. Black Demons are better crimson droppers, but for you level they will be hard to kill. As for the leveling, take a look at Kent's guide in the AoW for what pouches with what charms and at what levels to make.
  21. Who ever had the offer in first will get the item. It is like when you are trying to buy something in the GE, but it doesn't sell. Some people will get their friend to just sell the item in the GE for the same price the person is buying it for. But most of the time other people have offers in for the same item, waiting for it to buy. Even if they are paying the same price or more, they got their offer in first and will in return get the item before the person who just put the item in,
  22. Seems like you just started that account. Won't hurt if you just made another account and put in the correct birth year.
  23. If your friend gives you a place to find where the J-Mod confirmed that it affects more then one monsters, then its best to believe him. Until then its best to believe that it doesn't.
  24. What you're doing with runes is probably the best. You can also try doing that with the trimmed armors, or any other commodity that is traded often and in bulk on the GE.
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