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  1. If I had the money I'd replace the Bandos with Torva, but here is my melee setup. Slayer Helmet, Helm of Nez Fury, or Glory Bandos Chestplate, or Fighter's Torso, or barrows armour Bandos Tasset, or verac's skiirt (Barrows) Gloves Chaotic Rapier(I don't have this yet personally, but I'm working towards it, for now I use the wined whip.) Fire Cape Bersker's Ring(Onyx Ring(i) might be better, I'm not willing to invest the time though) Dragon Defender(Dragonfire Shield could be better for some situations) I'd probably use the Reverence Aura, it's up to you though. There could be something better, but this with Extremes is usually great.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I suppose I'll keep them to make overloads when I get there.
  3. I've got around 50m, or at least it was 50m, worth of torstol herbs/seeds. Obviously the prices were dropped because of bxpw, but I hear a new minigame, or maybe a new reward for an old one(I haven't really played in a few weeks), makes torstol seeds easy to come by. I could use some information on the minigame, or some speculation on whether torstols will go back up. Thanks.
  4. I never really quit, but Runescape is so low on my list of priorities at times that I often go weeks, even months, without playing, especially during the school year. Also, on the topic of playing and going to college: It can easily be done, since college, or at least my college, is about twelve-fifteen in class hours, which requires about thirty hours of studying for a high GPA, assuming you study quickly. That's only two to three hours in class per day, and maybe four hours of studying. You can knock that out by three pm with ease and then do anything you want for the rest of the day. Of course, if you want to be social, you have to play less.
  5. The site admin, based off his letter of resignation, came off as a pervert, for lack of a better term, and I can see why Jagex wants to distance themselves from that. Especially considering a large portion of the player base is under age.
  6. It seems like they're pushing classic, even though they're closing. Maybe they think it'll draw more players in to paying for membership. As for the classic cape, I'm not too bothered. The item has no stats(as I recall), plus it's not like it was difficult to get before. I signed up for classic during one of the openings a couple years ago and I can surely get the cape. It should be that only veteran players who've had classic accounts since version two was released get a cape, but they can't take that direction now.
  7. You could try telegrabbing wines of zamorak, collecting limpwruts, mining coal or iron. If your training combat, killing guards and banking the coins/grape drops makes a good bit(about 500 gp per grape, as I recall.).
  8. Alright. Thanks. Sorry about the double post, my computer went psycho.
  9. I'm curious if the bonus experience will count for fishing in c2 dungeons. Anyone have any insight?
  10. I'm curious if the bonus experience will count for fishing in c2 dungeons. Anyone have any insight?
  11. Assuming Jagex were to go under, which is unlikely but surely possible: what would be the fate of the game? I've been pondering it in my head a bit, and concluded that the game itself would continue, perhaps without updates or support, most likely.
  12. It was a more difficult game when I started, but obviously we all knew the game was going to slowly but surely get easier. There is nothing wrong with the natural progression of updates, but I disagree with the idea of "bonus" experience from events. I do like Distractions and Diversions, which normally give healthy amounts of experience periodically. Obviously, this doesn't hold true for everyone; but, I don't mind getting larger exp/hr rations. I'm getting to the point where all my levels are getting close to 99 (save a few skills) and the amount of time my goal takes is astronomical. That isn't to say I want to see huge margins of experience rate gains in future updates, but slowly, it isn't a bad thing.
  13. I'm interested in what the top players think of this new refer a friend update, if it hasn't been asked already. (Personally I think it's ridiculous)
  14. ... which brings us to the gist of the problem. Whilst according to you - and many others, self included - he doesn't HAVE to agree with Jagex apparently they feel he DOES. Everywhere. Always. They would've been better off ignoring the video rather than drawing further attention to it by their action. That is the great irony involved here. It bears mentioning that Jagex may not have demodded him for the video, it might have been something else. Or he might have requested to be demodded. Fact was that it occurred in such a short timeframe after the video was posted that people associated one with the other, thereby making him a martyr. The video is now viral and overall this is a PR nightmare for Jagex. If they had just let the video be, it wouldn't have garnished that much attention. Exactly. Unfortunately it seems Jagex is being run by mostly aggressive go-getters type business people who wouldn't stop to think about those sorts of ramifications. I've seen the same shortcomings within the company for awhile, especially surrounding all these bonus experience gimmicks. They'll eventually drive the company into the ground with cheap tricks and a lack of useful game content. The only reason the company didn't crash and burn years ago is because the product is unique. The current Jagex has very little to do with keeping players in the game, or even attracting new ones.
  15. This comes as a shock to me, but yet, it is highly expected. Jagex will eventually see their cheap gimmicks chase off a generation of players.
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