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  1. "you probably won't read this" A good, well thought out article, but the topic of how runescape's players grind skills instead of enjoying the game has been driven into the ground.
  2. "Bot or Not" The fact that there are still large numbers of bots is kind of in contradiction of an update Jagex did not that long ago where they claimed they had better detection so they decreased the random event frequency...
  3. Cool. I'll use max hit calc to see how much power I would have to sacrifice for the speed of a short sword.
  4. Scimitars are usually the preferred training weapon for melee because they are assumed by most (myself included) to be most efficient (F2P weapon type). Has anyone ever tried or heard of someone trying this experimentally against the slower, but harder-hitting weapons (2H and b axe)?
  5. Is there a calculator or a formula to find my melee combat XP/hour? (Also iyo are ice giants or moss giants better XP (I train prayer as well))? I appreciate your answers!
  6. To Eggstreme: Nice job on the article. I really enjoyed it. The opinion articles serve their purpose, but it was nice to see some objective reporting on events in the Times. Great work! =D>
  7. heh is it bad that i have defence 65 at combat 81?
  8. I brought up this question on another topic a while back. [hide=I wrote]Another question I have that seems to apply to the topic is about controlled vs. focused. Is the number 1.33 an exact number or rounded to the hundredth (is 1.33 meant to mean 1 1/3)? If it is the exact number, then training focused would give a small amount more xp in the long run (focused would give 4 xp when total xp gained for the same hit with focused would be 3.99). For someone training 30m xp that could become significant. Is this making any sense or am I just being stupid?[/hide] [hide=g4ses wrote]Well, I think that 1.33 is meant to be 1 1/3, so that they're exactly equal. Either way, even though I train controlled, might it be better to train attack or strength, then the other of those two, and finally defense? I mean, higher attack and strength levels would equal slightly faster defense training. Has this been tested?[/hide] [hide=link to that topic]http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=801338&start=0[/hide]
  9. The Ranged Skill Guide reccomends ranging the Edgeville guards in the outpost, then going inside and ranging the other two who are outside. This is not practical because the outpost has a wooden door, not a gate, so it cannot be used as cover. Instead I would reccomend ranging the guards who are outside from across the Wilderness Ditch.
  10. You completely missed it all together. Look where the summoning icon used to be. I don't think so, the music icon would be missing if that is not it. Ok there is an updated music icon, but there is a COMPLETELY NEW ICON that you are missing. Look for it, that is the whole point of the topic. There wouldn't be 8 pages to discuss them changing the music icon. :o hehe.... my apologies... :wall:
  11. You completely missed it all together. Look where the summoning icon used to be. I don't think so, the music icon would be missing if that is not it.
  12. It's just a new music icon, its selected and song titles are listed. =D>
  13. I'm feeling pretty sure that blue wizard robes are better bonuses than black. :shock: Your guide says they are equal.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I will probably do that after I finish my combat goals.
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