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  1. Simply do whatever else you want and enjoy the bonus exp. I would personally train an expensive skill with the remaining multiplier so that you get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Gold ammies probs. They give you the ability to cast string jewelery, which is fast exp. Don't bother doing it over the bonus exp weekend until your bonus is 1.1x. It is best to spend the time doing more expensive/slow skills.
  3. For short term rcing, which this is, ZMI would be best. For longterm, I would suggest graahking. ZMI will cost you money whereas graahking will make you money.
  4. If you are new to bursting, you should probably bring extra food/brews, a summoned bunyip, and EE until you figure it all out. Another thing: when luring, switch your armour out to prossy and fally shield 3. It prevents it from degrading, and gives you a high prayer bonus while luring. It also has better range def just in case those pesky range dags hit you. Granted, it makes you more vulnerable to the mage attacks, but you shouldn't get hit more than twice in a lure. Try to keep your mage bonus between 80-85. Once you get that, focus the rest of your mage gear on prayer. Anything more becomes redundant while bursting. Other than that, just don't get too cocky - its easy to die there if you make a mistake. A single wave of attacks by 9 lobbs can (and has) drained half my hitpoin... err, constitution. Don't be afraid of overpraying. It's better to spend an extra ppoint to get a good lure rather than risking death and losing 30m in supplies, plus the inconvenience of running back there to get your stuff (assuming a burstinglobs cc member will bless your grave). Good luck!
  5. For the small difference between the two (haven't had pack yak experience yet, however), I would go with a titan. Reason being, if it doesn't have a huge advantage over a lava titan (which it sounds like it doesn't), its not worth the extra effort. I am admittedly lazy, so the less that is required of me, the better. Having said that, yaks do have an advantage if you want to bank your gold. The more you can hold per trip likely will give you more exp/hour. If you are powermining it or superheating gold, a lava titan would be your friend.
  6. Haha, thanks guys :) Sadly, its looking a bit less nice now. I bought bandos and 95 prayer, but now I am down to 2m cash. 95 prayer was worth it though :D
  7. I would suggest doing wildy course until 70. Once you get 70, ape will be the best course until you hit 85.
  8. geesch

    New equipment?

    Using a ROW instead of a zerker isn't worth it. If you want to kill quickly, zerker is what you should use. Furthermore, a dragon squareshield is crap. There are tons of shields I would use before that. The best thing to use for everything, except for drags (where you should use a zspear and super antis), is a rune defender. It gives a great strength bonus and attack bonuses. There are very few places where you need the extra def. If you refuse to use a defender, get an obby shield. Failing that, a dfs is the next best thing, but costs a bunch and honestly is useless unless you bosshunt a lot. I don't suggest getting a ss. Using a whip on controlled is a more efficient way of training str. A whip will always outdo a ss, unless you are killing monsters with high slash def or low crush def, in which an alternative weapon (ss or zs) would be better. But, for the most part, use a whip. Especially for you right now, a ss isnt worth it. Definitely get a verac skirt though, and any melee top (dh looks best imo :P). If you want to upgrade any pieces to bandos, start with a bcp and use it with your v skirt. I imagine the biggest issue will be funding the whole setup. Once you get the right stuff, youre golden. As for guthans, its only use is if you are camping. There are better alternatives to it now, such as a bunyip, uni, EE, even b2p tabs. Good luck :)
  9. You will need to stick in max money for sure. If you could spend the small amount of time to do farming rounds, MTK, and flip, which could be done in 30-45 mins in total, you would have significantly better results. Leaving it in for that long will leave you with 0 favour after 100 days, which means youll get nothing for the remaining 6.77 months.
  10. Spirit tree should be planted in Etceteria for the bush patch, tbh. Use Brimhaven tabs for the fruit tree, it's just as fast. Or charter a ship from Catherby after the fruit tree there. Hmm, never even thought of that. I don't think ive ever planted a bush there before. Thanks for this, I think ill do that.
  11. http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tUM9Nvyv9AGJMqNYV_fjCFg&output=html This shows the efficiency. Not really a big deal either way.
  12. The above post is pretty much perfect. I would say that you could just wear the sw cape instead of a god cape, due to the fact that mage bonus becomes redundant once you pass ~80. I wouldnt really bring a bunyip, but having it for the journey down there is useful, especially if you don't know how to navigate it well yet. If you dont have a sgs, bring an EE. Bringing a fally shield is useful too, if using a EE. It gives def, a prayer bonus, one free prayer recharge per day, and looks dope xD Other than that, pretty much perfect.
  13. Relleka is where mine is. It was best there before Love Story tabs, and is still best there imo. Brimhaven is useless if you have a spirit tree. Hell, even having an ardy tele and 20 gp is faster for farming haha. Rimmington is useless, and becomes entirely redundant if you have the love story tabs. Make some for picking poison berries every day, but other than that, its not worth your house location. Yannile is overtaken by watchtower tele. Taverly is also useless if you have access to balloons. Its faster to get to the farming spot via balloons anyways. Polviniach isnt useful if you have a slayer ring. I use rellaka because i cbf to recharge my lyre all the time, and makes barraging lobs or dks (have yet to try myself) easily accessed.
  14. idk about that. Cutting gems is a pretty good training method. Diamonds and rubies are MORE efficient than dhide if you make 750k an hour. If you make less, the lower gems also become more efficient. If you make 1m an hour or more, dhide beats out rubies slightly.
  15. Torstol seeds are almost 190k each, and the herbs are 30k ish. Which means you need more than 6 herbs per patch to break even. Regardless, I dont think the op can grow torstols. I grow torstols personally, but avantoes are still a very good option for just about anyone looking to profit. Snaps/torstols are higher risk, but have the ability to yield a high reward.
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