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  1. Rapier it is, thank you friends. What's the most efficient way to cover the costs? Recharging with money, or recharging with tokens?
  2. Just got 200,000 tokens. Which is better overall? Which is better for TDS?
  3. Two questions: 1. Do Juju potions work while harvesting Herblore Habitat herbs? 2. What is the best jadinko to get ugune seeds from?
  4. I was wondering if someone could provide me with a list of the best methods of obtaining charms (regardless of stat requirements) along with their requirements.
  5. What methods are there in f2p to make money with no or very low skill requirements?
  6. Doesn't it take ages to get a +5 boost from those?
  7. Fair enough, I have 2000 extreme attacks at the moment, I'm in the middle of making 2000 extreme strengths which should get me to 90. I guess I'll make 2000 extreme defence then etc.
  8. How do you boost 5 herblore levels?
  9. What's a decent amount of over load potions? I'm currently 89 herblore and I figure that instead of training using the best gp/exp extreme potion, it'd be wiser to make a decent amount of them all so that when I finally get the level, I can make a decent amount of overloads. Basically how many of each should I make before I stop caring about diversity and can just focus on the best gp/exp potion?
  10. What it all boils down to is how much you enjoy Barbarian Assault, and how much you loathe training agility. Personally I used to the penance horn for a few mining levels. I found it really helped because mining is so boring, but I really enjoyed barbarian assault, so even if it resulted in less xp/hour I found it much easier to do. On top of that, when you see yourself gaining double exp as you mine, it's easier to push yourself to mine more, in the sense that it'd be easier to make 50k super strength potions than 50k attack potions, even though the actions themselves are the same, you feel yourself getting a better pay out so you're more willing to do it.
  11. If you can make 2.7million per hour, it simply isn't worth spending your time at stealing creation to reduce the costs.
  12. Madouge


    What are the most profitable dailies? Currently the only ones I bother with are snapdragon farming and manage thy kingdom.
  13. There's an NPC that buys gold amulets noted for 140 each, so you'll have no trouble on that front. Varrock Rogue Jewellery Store
  14. What good would that do though.. Once you have the taboo of Jagex resetting you, I'd think people'd want to start fresh to have no eyes of suspicion upon them. However: Your account gets banned you start again. Tell friends oh jagex banned me for no good reasons blah blah; things carry on. Your account gets reset, you start a new one. Tell friends that lie; they can see ur old account is still there and see it had stat resets and thus know that you rwted or botted. Might make me treat ya differently eg no aww here have 2mil to get ya started more no friendsness You would stop being friends with someone because they botted/RWTed?
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