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  1. II get there pretty quick but i don't have the teleport to get there.
  2. Just wondering if Barrows is still worth it? Haven't done barrows in like 2 years or something. Help out an old N00b.
  3. I've seen slaying this whole membership. Kinda bad money.
  4. Coming back form about a year break. Got hacked lost everything, but at least my friend gave me some money to start back up. But, anyways I got a couples questions. What's the slots beside my helm for? What have i missed beside the obvious (bot nuking, etc.) and what should I do with my stats to get some money?
  5. Should I be blocking Steel Dragons? They're slow, but there's always that one chance I might get a versage. Advice?
  6. Got around 500 slayer points. What should I block to maximize slayer xp and so I don't get annoyed with tasks.
  7. There's still a bit but not as noticeable as before. I wouldn't worry about a thing.
  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. Find out how many red hits on an average of 5-10 kills and then times it by 9K(Rounding up) and there's your answer. /thread
  10. Title pretty much explains it all, i just wanna know what stats i need except combat. Trying to go for quest cape. Thanks in advance!
  11. Alright dope, do you need to be wearing it for the warning and can you have it on more then one?
  12. Thanks for all the help man! And I was think Harmony was out of the question too. Also for the amulet of farming I would be using it on rannars or just herbs in general.
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