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High level Agility training.


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Yes something along those lines, the no fail for Ape Atoll is 75, the gnome is 89, for barbarian its 92.




Do what you prefer too, I found dorgeshuun mind numbing :P

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Whats so bad about dorg?


I guess this means ape atoll till 85-88 ish so i can pie the new gnome course and practicly never fail.




Nothing wrong with it it's just abit long for a lap, I haven't been since agility update, but falling and the thing breaking was seriously annoying, had to go all the way back wastes 1-2 mins. (not sure if it's still this way)




And I always forget what i'm supposed to be getting

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Pardon my necromancy. :oops:




I have been on Dorgesh-Kaan course this morning. I find that I do not fail until my level drops below 80. I carry an inventory of agility pots and keep my eye on levels. Not failing as long as I am 80 or above.




I find that if I run to the first obstacle and then pot, I can get to the generator & back on the long course with just 1 dose of agility potion. My agility usually hits 79 again right as I hand the part to Turgall.




The kicker is that you can drop a level while you are in mid-obstacle - and that is when you slip and fall, when you go from 80 to 79 while you are on a ladder/rope/pillar. As long as you pot judiciously, D-K is great at 79.

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