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80 fletch? [lock]


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I plan on getting 80 fletching, It's a requirement for seers 3 diary, and I'd like to know of a good method of getting to 80, preferably at the cheapest cost.


I'd like to know the cheapest way, and any method where I'd get fast xp, but minimal loss.


Is there any way I can profit? Or would I need a higher level to be able to profit?


Thanks for any replies.





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The last time I remember, I bought Yew logs at the GE and sold the bows back without any loss...




This might not be the case nowadays but people buy the bows just so they can go alchemy crazy on them.






The only reason why I don't have 99 fletching is because I have any incentive.




I can't bother to check what "65 fletching" is capable of but if you can't fletch yews, expect a loss. Just fletch the best thing you can and use it for junk trades.




Oh and since your doing the diary, you only need 75 fletching. Spicy Stew the rest of the levels. (Thereotically 74 is possible but I never got a +6 modifier)



Runescape, Funorb, "Mechscape" Videos


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