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Ok so I want to get 70 mining to get closer to 70+ in all but I want to mine things I can smith for 71 smithing to finish the varrock diary. Should I mine mith/coal, coal/iron, or something else? I only need 31k mining xp to 70 and 33k xp for 71 smithing but I have sacred clay hammers for smithing so really only like 16k xp. If 33k mining xp won't get me supplies for 71 smithing i'll just mine some more, but what I really want to know is what should I mine?

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First of all Varrock diary hard requires level 73 smithing unless you are referring to the level you want to get then using a Dwarven Stout(m) and boosting it by 2...




Well here is a good way to do what you want:




1. Go to the mining guild in Falador.


2. Bring with you a pickaxe and runes to superheat ores.


3. Mine 4 coal and 1 mithril ore.


4. Super heat a mithril bar.


5. Repeat until you have a full inventory.


6. Bank and do it again.




When you have enough mithrill bars for your wanted smithing level make mithril bolts (unf) for a cost-efficient way or the item of your choice.




Therefore, you get smithing and mining exp with a hint of mage exp :)











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Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.


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