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  1. Wow I came to check this site out after starting over on OSRS last weekend after like a 5 year break. Thought it would have slowed down but I'm surprised to see it this dead.
  2. Never, it's always somebody else's fault. That simplistic libertarian rhetoric is pure nonsense. Individuals are not sovereigns who do they as please. Individuals are a social construction, and they are social creatures who act out of a social context. Their environment has a tremendous effect on their being and how they understand themselves and how they relate to their surroundings and how they act. This is a sociological, psychological, historical, anthropological, philosophical, and scientific fact. It will take a lot more than some one-liner to discredit this. You're trying too hard with this. My comment was a sarcastic joke, you should really lighten up.
  3. Never, it's always somebody else's fault.
  4. Old School Runescape does exist. If you mean like the day before eoc, no they said they won't.
  5. Got a daily challenge for divination 659 xp at level 47 not bad.
  6. The only problem I have with this is 5 & possibly 6 (assuming refining gives xp?) would make divination buyable and idk if I like that... How would 5 or 6 make divination buyable? Q never mentioned anything about trading the collected energy... EDIT: found out that energy is currently tradable. However you could limit this to only refined energy and not raw collected energy. I didn't realize we were redoing the entire skill I thought those were just changes he wanted to make. That's why I said it would be buyable considering you can currently buy energy.
  7. Ya I'd like to know if using these energies for xp to train divination isn't costing me millions in potential profit when the next skill is released.
  8. The only problem I have with this is 5 & possibly 6 (assuming refining gives xp?) would make divination buyable and idk if I like that. The skill feels like it's missing a lot... After 44 levels I'm not very impressed and it sounds like the next 55 levels will be just about the same in different locations. Idk maybe if it was pushed back and released with the second skill it would be a lot less underwhelming.
  9. I wish they would just make up their mind on whether it's coming out this year or next year :unsure:
  10. I had to leave like a minute after this that sprapple guy is annoying.
  11. Yeah every skill is slow att the begining double your div xp by clicking each time you get xp. Prob patched though because I doubt that was intended :lol: It's already "fixed"
  12. Most divine locations only last for 30 seconds, divine magic tree/herb 3 last 25 seconds and the runite location only lasts for 20 seconds :-|
  13. I find this skill very underwhelming for a skill that was supposed to be rich in lore and directly connected to guthix's death.
  14. I thought they said this skill would be full of lore or something.
  15. Max is running around training divination atm
  16. So you're saying that some time in the future this game will die? No shit I thought this game would last until the end of the world. You must be some kind of fortune teller or something.
  17. Anyone think there will be new requirements to use it? How about obtaining the parts Would it be crazy to think it might have requirements similar to the inferno adze? Or do they just have similar names for no reason. That's a serious question I really have no idea. I mean I understand the adze is a pickaxe and hatchet already but who really uses it as a pickaxe.
  18. Sacred metal fragments for everyone! Also still haven't gotten any of the titles :mad:
  19. I wish the champions weren't so useless. I mean why don't they have abilities like the regular soldiers or at least give them some sort of range attack. Or maybe let them have prayers. They're too easily killed.
  20. soooooooooooooo when's the quest that gives us zamorak armour cosmetic overrides?
  21. They said they raised the drops rates but honestly I haven't noticed a big difference...
  22. Runescape has been dying every year since runescape classic I thought everyone knew this.
  23. How the hell do you get scammed for max cash now. Is he dumb or is this a joke?
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