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I think the quest list needs re-vamping.




Currently, we have easy, medium and hard quests. In some cases, there are massive differences between the level of difficulty in each of these 3 areas. Some easy quests are incredibly easy, so they should maybe go under 'Beginner'. And also maybe we should have a category above hard, so Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, ???.




Also, some quests may be Easy, but be incredibly long. That's why I propose that there is a separate column in the quests DB with the length of time. It could either be rated out of 5, such as 1/5, 2/5 3/5 etc. and could maybe be represented in a picture. Or, continuing with the text format of the difficulty, maybe it could be Very short, short, medium, long, very long.









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Our current ratings are based on Jagex ratings, but we have long agreed that more specifics are needed - in fact there have been many such suggestions about this.




We have finally gotten a system for it in the works, which will display quest ratings according to: the length, the requirements, and the difficulty for someone who already meets those requirements!




A classic example is Devious Minds. This is a short and simple quest, but you need 65 Smithing. Many advanced players don't have that! So the the difficulty for someone with the level is Easy, the length is Short, but the requirement you must have is Hard.




Part of the task is getting them rated, since there are now over 150 quests. You can rate some and post them if you like, that would help us move forward.




Please post the quest name and then ratings in order of


  • [*:1zkilnnd]difficulty for someone Who Meets the Requirments (Easy Medium Hard),
    [*:1zkilnnd]then length (Short Medium Long),
    [*:1zkilnnd]then requirements (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard)


just cos that's the order we have it coded atm.




If you want to help, please post a batch in alphabetical order from the list. Thanks!


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