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Can someone explain PVP Wild Bounty etc?


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I stopped playingf this game when they took wildy out but now I heard there are PVP worlds (which im doing now at exchange) but I dont like it entirely do we still have old wildy where its only 3 lvls and you can gang up??




What about bounty is that around still? I never cared for it.




Any rule changes to all of these things?

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Just look at tip.it guide and if you still have more questions post them.

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Can someone tell me the most proffitable type is? I have been playign PvP just around the Grand exchange but im finding it pretty hard to kill people 1 v 1.




Also could you rate my guy for a pker?




Combat lvl 43




range 60


hp 50


def 3


prayer 10


att 20


str 21


magic 38




I thought I was pretty decent back when I used to play in the wild without that ditch or anything but now I seem to be getting owned by str guys in 1vs1.

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well i'm new to the 3d rs to but i would've said that you're str and att is too high being combination of ranged/magic, and I also would've said that prayer 10 is practically useless..




I mean, if you want to be combo of mage and range then don't go upping you're attack and strength but leaving your defense at 3.. :? what do you need attack and strength for?

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well I was using the combat caculater on this site it says




Your combat level is 43.


For combat level 44 you will need:




1 Defence or Hitpoints level.


50 Attack or Strength levels.


1 Ranged level.


23 Magic levels.


2 Prayer levels.


1 Summoning level.




I think I might have done it so I could use a better axe or somtihng....as for the prayer I dont know why I have it. Is using the eagle eye prayer useless? It says increase by 5%.




What should I do to imporve my guy? keep raising range and thats it? or get magic or strength higher..

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