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Stellar Dawn name is confirmed


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Someone has already figured it out but didn't show to do it, so...:

Step 1: Download Runescape.jar from http://world1.runescape.com/runescape.


Step 2: Open command prompt. That's start - run. On 7 or Vista, hit the windows key and r.

Type cmd in the run prompt.


Step 3: If you downloaded it to your desktop, thats good. Go to your desktop by typing "cd desktop"


Step 4: Execute the command "java -cp runescape.jar client 1 live english game1"


Backround info: RuneScape uses the same client as Stellar Dawn, this is Jagex's web-based client. When you run this command, "game1" tells the client to start Stellar Dawn(Mechscape) instead of Runescape. It should not get past "connecting to update server" because the update server isn't online yet/isn't public.


I tried posting on RuneScape official forums but it just got removed. So, I'm guessing your site will be okay?


This information has been obtained by EyeDisturb (godofwar3999 on YouTube).


Please give credits to me if you post on another community.



Pto6's Ultimate Blog!

Any of those pics will take you to my blog.

If you wanna ask me a question PM me on here or on RS.


<!-- m -->http://youtube.com/godofwar3999<!-- m -->

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I was very happy when I first heard this :D Stellar Dawn is a much better name than MechScape.

[insert birds flying in a circle here]

Yes, that sig was annoying.

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