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  1. My current RS account is from 2004, that's when I started playing for real. But I played RS for about 2 weeks together with some friends in the summer of 2001 (forget which month, probably July). I count myself as an '05'er since I didn't really play RS thoroughly in 2001 and I started this account in December '04 and played seriously after Easter 2005.
  2. Whoops, I think I voted the wrong thing. Voted decrease it, but I meant that the limit should be decreased. The limit right now is too limited. *changes vote to increase*
  3. If you have an X58 series motherboard with USB 3.0 you can use a BlackMagic Intensity Pro (it's connected by PCI, so it's basically part of your PC then) to record your console sessions on to your PC.
  4. Yes, I think the Uber Cape should include everything that is possible.
  5. Ezz

    Starcraft 2

    Haha did anyone here see GSL's April Fools? If not, I suggest you check out July vs. Mvp on gomtv.net :mrgreen:
  6. WHAT THE HELL? is this a second april's fools? Really why make it even LESS bad to die? It is already amazingly stupid if you die, and you can get 99% of the time back in time with ease.. (And the other 1% you often go with teams) It always makes me laugh at the rage when Jagex change death mechanics. For a forum that constantly makes comparisons between Rs and WoW why doesn't anyone make mention of the fact that you lose nothing when you die in WoW? Also, the only people this really affects are lurers, I'll never understand why people want to lose all their stuff on death, unless you like to self harm. We could completely remove death all along if that's what you'd like, there'd be no "self harm" then. There's supposed to be a sense of risk, but there just isn't anymore.
  7. As if super long Gravestones weren't enough :roll: It'll be fun to see the new Lunar spells though.
  8. I just wrote in: bots site:worldofwarcraft.com and got 13900 results. Am I pro at statistical analysis now?
  9. Nope, haven't got one. What kind if event?
  10. Ezz

    GF [cabbage] game

    This thread encourages me that RS is becoming a better place day by day. Although for each person like this who quits, I guess there are two new ones who begin playing.
  11. Ezz

    Starcraft 2

    The game just finished. Was pretty good, I recommend watching the VOD :)
  12. Ezz

    Starcraft 2

    Who here is going to watch the Code S final tomorrow? oGsMC vs. July :thumbsup: First ZvP final I think, and those are two great players.
  13. Ezz


    Looks interesting! I actually enjoyed Spore quite a bit, until it lost its point in the Galaxy stage. Will be interesting to see what they do with the Spore mechanics in this game :D Thanks for the heads-up.
  14. I read the first one when it first came out. I don't remember much of it, but I do remember that I liked the book quite a bit. I'd recommend it.
  15. They should make it so other players have a small chance of dropping PvP equipment (not including statuettes) along with the regular loot. More chance the higher value the loot is so that people can't abuse it by 1-iteming each other or something. This whole revenant cave thing is pretty lame IMO, and it doesn't help that the drop rate is horrible.
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