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The Settlers IV - NEW problem, Second post!


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OK, so here's the problem, The Settlers IV does not work and i get this up



I googled it, but it did not get fixed trying the solutions people said to try. So i hope someone knows this well.


Please if your gonna instruct me to do a task, do it like this:

Go to location 1>Location 2>Location 3>Location 4> and so on


Don't say "Go Config" or "Go XDsas", that will only confuse me:S




P.S While i wait i will keep trying to fix it.

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Make sure you have Settlers IV icon at your desktop, then right click properties, and then go "Compatibility" tab, and select Windows 95.



Found that by Googling "Settlers IV errors" and it worked for me. But i don't understand why that solves it, if someone could clear that up i would appreciate that. Thanks



Sound repeats itself like echo when playing with Win 95:S


Here is Youtube video of sound repeating itself.


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