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A Change of ISP?


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For quite some time now, I've been interested in moving away from Pipex/Tiscali since their acquisition by TalkTalk. However, I am faced by two main problems:


  • Limited availability in my area - the ISP I was looking into (Be) does not operate here
  • I live with my parents, so I need to find something reasonably-priced yet reliable


I have an ADSL line that can support speeds of up to 2Mb with fixed line and up to 8Mb with ADSL Max.


PlusNet is one that I've also looked into, but I'm really not sure about having both a usage allowance and heavy traffic shaping; but they do offer unmetered and unthrottled off-peak (which is quite attractive to me, because I do the bulk of my downloading then also.)


Here are some general things that I'm looking for in an ISP:


  • Little to no traffic management
  • Unlimited is preferable, or a high download cap
  • Around the same price as our current contract with Pipex (28.95 GBP)
  • Low-latency would be useful seeing as both my father and I play online games
  • Reliability and good support are a must; I'm tired of Tiscali's bad support


I'm a fairly moderate user myself. On a "heavy" month, I may pull around 40-60GB of bandwidth, but it's usually around 30GB. My father is much heavier than I am; he's a persistent downloader of large files, which is why I'm kind of wary about getting a connection with a bandwidth cap. However, all the 'unlimited' providers in the UK seem to be total rubbish bar one or two.


Honestly, I'm completely confused as to what's "good" or not in the UK. I've seen so many differing opinions on just about every major ISP, so if anyone can shed some light on something a little less well-known that suits my needs, let me know.


Many thanks.

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