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  1. TBDM is melodeath though. I WENT THERE
  2. Everyone gets awful FPS in Source games. The problem with the OB engine is that games feel like molasses the moment you go under 90fps. When I'm playing CoD4 it runs really well all the way down to 60, mouse input is consistently smooth and it's a lot easier to make snapshots/flick to heads. In TF2, aiming feels garbage regardless of FPS for some reason. CSS doesn't have this awkward feeling to it. Valve should port it to the L4D2 engine. L4D2 runs beautifully for me and mouse input is a lot more consistent.
  3. Not really possible here in the UK. Most ISPs offer either a flat 40GB "home" plan OR you can get "unlimited", but the pitfalls of "unlimited" in the UK are as follows - hidden shaping, port throttling and ridiculous spikes in latency/network congestion at peak times of the day. Often it's much less hassle to get a capped but unthrottled/low contention plan than to go through with "unlimited".
  4. My daytime cap is 40 and I've used like.. 15GB of it. I host games/servers though I have unmetered upload, so it has a limited effect on my overall usage. If I host games/servers I don't notice much of a difference in the downstream. Basically cut out streaming and you'll see a massive drop in usage.
  5. Jernlov


    Why do you feel like you HAVE to be wild, get drunk, be a "bad boy" and whatnot? So what, I'm 18 and I'm never going to drink ("oh you will eventually." NO, I won't.) You're 21, big whoop. You want to attract a girl? What do you think will attract one more? Being drunk out of your mind and throwing up on her, or drinking soda/water and having a conversation with her? You don't have to be "wild" to find someone. If anything, you'd probably end up hurting yourself. I think the best thing to say is to stop trying to be something you're so obviously not and make the most of what you have.
  6. Noticing more lag on tighter/badly-optimised maps (SAWMILL AND VIADUCT, I MEAN YOU) than usual, but my game stutters badly if it goes under 90fps for some reason...
  7. Jernlov


    lol okay fyi 7 is basically Vista SP2.5
  8. Heimdalls Wacht - Ut de graute olle Tied
  9. For FPS games, 2*refresh is generally considered ideal in terms of frame rate. It IS just an ideal though; I know people who play well with less.
  10. Jernlov


    haters gonna hate.
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